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Trending Handbags: Bags have been a part of the latest fashion trends for women since many years. It all started with the basic handbags that were carried for trading purpose. Then these handbags took the form of purse which was more towards the fancy patterns.

Ladies started flaunting their bags in the get-together and parties. There are a variety of handbags available in the market. You can choose from a wide range of branded and non-branded bags as per your requirements.

Handbags never go out of fashion as they have become a part of the most essential things while stepping out of homes. Be it a lunch date or a family picnic or an office party, handbags can accompany you everywhere.

Let’s have a look at the top trending handbags in the year 2020:


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1. Handbags

Handbags don’t need any introduction. It has been a girl’s best friend since centuries. Every girl’s wardrobe is incomplete without a basic handbag in it. They are best used for carrying daily essentials. Handbags have enough space to carry your makeups essentials and other daily essential stuff. All you need is to buy a handbag which goes with most of your outfits.

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2. Tote Bags

These bags come in a rectangular shape and are fabricated from canvas material or leather. It has enough space to store you makeup and other essentials effectively still letting out some space for other stuff. They look uber stylish with a hot pant and canvas shoes.

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3. Hobo Bags

Enjoy a fun and casual outings like movie dates, lunch date with friends, etc. with a stylish Hobo bag. They have a comparatively softer look that goes very well with western and fusion dresses. You can carry a stylish hobo bag with a matching pair of boots.

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4. Messenger Bags

You can completely rely on the messenger bags to give you a stylish look. They look the best with casual and western outfits. You can also carry them to work or meetings on weekends. Messenger bags or courier bags have a very old school and rusty look to offer and this has made it the favorite of top fashion designers.
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5. Backpack

Do you remember the good old backpacks that were once a fashion trend in 90s. They have made a comeback with a bang this time and going straight away to the number one position. Gone were the days when they used to come in some basic colors. Now you can get many funky versions of it. Try carrying one for your day outing or for a short trip. Backpacks have steadily become essential for the singe travelers as it is huge enough to contain all the traveling essentials in it. In case you are looking for some elegant ones, you can buy them online.
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6. Laptop Bags

We all remember the generic black colored laptop bags which also acted as a backpack sometimes. Laptop bags too made a comeback last year with some stylish transformations. You can also consider investing in laptop sleeves. They are available in various interesting color combinations. So you can purchase a few according to your dresses! Moreover, you can also change your laptop cover according to your mood or matching to your dress. This trend picks up the heat since last 2-3 years. Laptop bags are now more comfortable to carry and use.
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7. Bucket Bags

As the name suggests, bucket bags have a soft bucket look. They go best with some western dresses. However taking them with an elegant dress is a big no. try paring it with some funky dresses along a beach day out. You can also carry them for some local market shopping spree.
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Some important tips for purchasing the latest handbag


Are you a new bee in this domain or a first timer If the answer is yes, then we would suggest you o stick to the basics. Go for some basics colors instead of start experimenting right away. If you are looking for a handbag for office purpose, stick to the basics blacks, grays and blues. Similarly if you are searching handbags for party purposes, then you should go with glittery shades.


That since you are new in purchasing a handbag, it is very important to pre-decide a budget in advance. This will help you keep a check on your overspending. Set a decent budget, which is neither too high nor low for purchasing a decent handbag. This is necessary as you might just get carried away with the range of handbags you witness on your shop visit!


Make sure you have done some homework before finalizing the piece for you. You can search for some latest patterns online or from magazines. This will help you in picking up the best piece from all the available ones. By doing this you can get a fair idea about the range of handbags that are being offered by various brands.

 Worth of the handbag

It is important to understand the worth of a handbag in which you have decided to invest. Have a good look over the handbag. Check for its detailing and design pattern. Make sure you have checked the quality of the material as well. The main motive behind doing this to check the worth of the handbag even if it deserves the price it is tagged like.

These were the top handbags which are ruling the trend charts currently. You can also get the best piece provided you are alert and have a sound knowledge about the latest fashion trends. You can also take help from any of your friends or an expert in this domain. It is advisable not to go over the board in terms of color combination or flashy piece. This will make your overall personality dull and overrated. You can get detailed information about the various types of handbags from various online websites. The best piece is the one which will enhance your personality and give a grace o your overall look.

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