Top Five Mobile Phone Trends In 2020

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Top Five Mobile Phone Trends

Top Five Mobile Phone Trends: Contrary to the expectation of many that the features introduced in 2017 such as taller displays and dual cameras, among others, will be consolidated in 2018, it turned out to be a watershed year as far as smartphones were concerned.

Big surprises in 2018 included display notches, triple and/or four-camera setups, and even mechanized sliders for housing the cameras. The point is not whether we liked them or not, these features were in great demand among users of smartphones.

In 2020, the evolving technology is expected to bring in new possibilities and the Top Five Mobile Phone Trends that might come our way are:

1: In-Screen Fingerprint Scanners

It is time you forgot about physical scanners. This year you could see the introduction of the on-screen fingerprint scanner. The technology works by enabling smartphone users to unlock and start using their devices. All that they have to do is to just tap using their finger on the smartphone?s main display. Can it be easier than this!

One of the key advantages offered by this particular security update is that it enables more devices to sport a near bezel less appearance. A few flagship smartphones, for instance, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, has already been provided with this feature. As of now, it looks as though a number of the upcoming mobile phones are likely to introduce the same. It is being rumored that Apple is planning to introduce this security feature on their next generation iPhones.

2: Foldable Phone Screens

This is a serious and exciting technological advancement and it has in the making for a very long time. Earlier in 2018, Samsung showed cased the prototype of their ?Infinity Flex Display? model. The screen can actually be folded in half and opened up whenever it is to be used. You might call it a true phablet. The tech is quite new, but it is certainly the way mobile phones are going to be in the future. Foldable mobile phones could be introduced soon, but it is not clear as to exactly when it will be available in the market.

3: 5G Capabilities

It is expected that the 5G, the next generation of mobile communications technology, will be introduced in 2019. This is by far one of the highly awaited developments in the field of telecommunication. The 5G data technology has the potential to completely change the way we use our mobile devices. Wikipedia

What we already know about the 5G technology is that it will provide ultra-fast browsing/download experience. This means that users will be able to access and do things online much faster than ever before. It also means that the Augmented Reality (AR) features will become more immersive and impressive, allowing users to merge CGI imagery with reality on Top Five Mobile Phone Trends.

This is the future and it is just getting ready to take over the communications industry. EE, a mobile network operator and internet service provider in the U.K., has already announced the names of the cities wherein the 5G network will be introduced. Other mobile phone service providers will definitely follow the footsteps of the communications division of the BT Group that was incorporated in 2010.

In fact, EE has said that the company will be launching 5G services in 16 cities in Britain in 2019. These cities include the busiest locations in London, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Manchester. The company has also said that this will just be the beginning.

Release-15 which will provide the first set of 5G specifications is expected to be completed by April this year to enable the commercial deployment of the data technology. The second phase, Release-16, is scheduled to be submitted to the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) as an IMT-2020 technology candidate by April 2020.

4: Water-Drop Notch Designs

The notch feature is expected to stay on for a long time to come. As more phones start sporting the bezel less design, this is one element that has to be maintained on the front screen of mobile phones. Actually, the notch that is present at the top of mobile devices has a function to perform. This is the location of the selfie camera. This is definitely a design feature but it is certain to hold on for some more time to come. However, it is quite possible that it might get smaller and subtler over time. As such, users can expect to see smaller and water-drop style notches on the new generation cellular phones.

5: Pop-Up Camera Lenses

Imagine that you are taking a picture with your mobile phone. A small camera lens starts to pop out of the top of your phone. Is it not a cool idea? It is and it might become a reality quite soon. One of the leading innovations as far as smartphone hardware is concerned is the sliding mechanism. It is expected to be employed quite soon on some of the flagship devices.

This breakthrough technology enables designers to house both the selfie and rear cameras within a small square. Further, it will be tucked within the Top Five Mobile Phone Trends for most of the time. It will pop out only when you start taking a photo. As this revolutionary hardware technology would solve the location issue of the selfie camera, it could lead to the development t of totally bezel less phones in the immediate future.

In the case of Vivo Apex, the camera would pop up on demand, meaning it will slide up as and when you turn on the mobile?s front camera. This would leave more room for the screen of the phone and other things. This has enabled Vivo to further reduce the bezels. Oppo has taken it one step ahead. The company has added rear cameras and other sensors to enable 3D face unlock, as in the case of Apple?s iPhone X. Lenovo and Xiaomi have also announced that their upcoming models would have sliding cameras. However, you may have to manually slide the camera up or down. No company has announced so far as to when phones with pop-up cameras will be released.

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