Top 5 Indian Bridal Makeup Tips to Serve Some Serious Looks

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Top 5 Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

Top 5 Indian Bridal Makeup Tips:- If you are a bride-to-be and going to get married very soon, you would want to be well made up and look good on the wedding day. If you are anxious and want to know what the individual areas of make that you have to look into, please read the rest of the article.

On your wedding day, a few of the things that people would pay attention to are: what you are wearing, your hairstyle and your makeup. You should therefore pay a lot of attention to these five aspects on your wedding day.

1. Wedding Dress: Bridal Makeup Tips

The wedding dress is the most important of all. It is only after you choose the wedding dress can the other accessories be chosen. The wedding dress should be planned for well in advance. You can collect pictures of different wedding dresses and you can even consult a dress designer if you want to look your best on that day.

Another point to be kept in mind is the budget. When you are searching for different dresses, make sure that you select one dress that is unique and beautiful; comfortable to wear and which fits within your budget.

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2. Hair Style

The first things about the hairstyle that you choose is that it should complement your wedding dress. When you go to hair stylist, show a picture of the wedding dress that you are planning to wear and ask them to choose a hairstyle that would suit the dress that you are planning.

The hair stylist would choose a style depending on the type of your hair and its colour, the shape of your face and the wedding dress. The stylist would then suggest as to how you can wear the flowers on your hair or how you can place the headdress if any. If you are wearing a headdress with stones, ensure that they match the colour of your dress.

3. Jewellery

Jewellery that you choose to wear on your weeding day is usually of the traditional kind. However, you can choose modern jewellery if you?re wedding dress warrants the same.

Diamonds set in gold, or jewellery with rubies, pearls, emeralds, and zirconia or magnolia stones can be worn depending on the wedding dress and your budget.

4. Make-Up

The bride is always most anxious about the make-up she is going to wear on her face on the wedding day. It is a good idea to be at home in a rested fashion for a few days before the wedding.

It is also good to get a facial done at home. It is best to consult a professional make-up artist or a beautician to do your make-up on your wedding day. They will see to it that the makeup gives a fresh and beautiful look to the bride.

5. Foot-Wear

The one last accessory for the bride to pay attention to is the footwear that she will wear on her wedding day. The most important point to be kept in mind is that the footwear has to be comfortable to wear along with the flowing wedding dress.

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