Top 20 jogging tips you must follow for better fitness and health

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Top 20 jogging tips: One of the best ways for staying fit and living a longer and healthy life is jogging. It is confirmed in scientific studies as well that the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity, anxiety and depression etc. is reduced to great extent by this low-impact running at slow pace.

The productivity and stamina of a person is also increased with this activity and therefore it is clear that jogging is the best thing that you need to start on daily basis for a fit and active lifestyle. However, it is important to jog in proper manner otherwise it can have negative effect on the knees.

Top 20 jogging tips


Useful and effective Top 20 jogging tips

Here are the top 20 jogging tips for better fitness and health.


Before starting exercise of any kind, the thing that serves to be most important is warm-up. At the time of jogging, it is important that the muscles go through constant relaxation and contraction.

In case you did not prepare muscles for the same, they might experience cramps leaving you with difficulty in jogging or walking properly.

For endurance training that you are starting, warm-up is the best practice that prepares the muscles and reduces risk of injuries.

Set a target

It is important to set a goal for yourself and you can write it on a paper that will remind you of the daily goal. This is the factor that will help you to stay focused and motivated and you will not feel weak even after running long distance.

Get the running shoes

running shoesWearing the proper shoes is another important thing as they are helpful at the time of jogging for protecting the bones and feet from thrust impact. For this purpose, you need to wear training or running shoes that are comfortable.

Release up

For releasing tension from neck, shoulders, legs, arms and feet, it is important that your body is relaxed. You can also jog with its help for long duration while saving muscles from the problem of cramping.

For loosening the body, you can shake your feet and hands.

Push chest out

After in slouching way is not correct and this can risk the spine health and posture. It is important to make sure while jogging that the shoulders are rolled back and chest is out so that posture is improved and spinal injuries are prevented.

Begin slowly

jogging women

Begin slow walking first and after 30 seconds, improve your pace of walking. You should start walking briskly after 60 seconds and then reduce the pace for jogging. With this technique, you will not burn out fast.

The landing should be soft

Your knees might get injured if you stamp the feet and therefore soft landing on ground is important so that the shock does not hit knees directly. You can also jog for longer duration with this.

Use techniques of breathing

In terms of jogging, breathing serves to be very important since it helps oxygen pumping in enough amounts to the cells. In its absence, your muscles might suffer from fatigue preventing long duration jogging. You can breathe out and in while counting the steps.

Different directions jogging

jogging gril
For training the muscles of leg so that you can comfortably run on any type of trail or road, the helpful tip is frequent changes in jogging direction with lateral and zig-zag motions.

This is also helpful in burning sufficient calories and improves the coordination of body and brain.

Have a word with yourself

Physical fitness is not the only difference between a pro and a beginner. There is great role of perseverance and will power as well.

The best tip for this is talking to oneself at the time of jogging that helps making strong will power and motivates to reach the distance set in target.

Set the benchmarks

For jogging longer distance, setting the landmarks is another helpful strategy. You can set a target in terms of calories to be burnt, milestone covered or a building and decide your resting intervals accordingly.

Timed steps

For improving jogging, another useful way is to time the steps. You can set target of jogging for particular steps before rest and with time, this number could be increased.

Interval training

Interval training?Regular training is similar to the training dome for sports event or a marathon. For this, the best way is to take rest of some seconds after jog of 5-10 minutes.

You will be prevented from worn out with the help of this training timed in intervals and can jog for long distance.

Box jumps training

For enhancing reaction time and muscle power as well as for strength conditioning, box jumps serves to be a good practice.

Your leg muscles are trained with box jumps when jogging is done on trails. The glutes and thighs are trained with box jumps.

Downhill training

Compared to uphill running, controlled downhill jogging is more difficult. So start practicing downhill jogging without hurling down. This enhances the jogging and builds control over muscle.


For developing core strength, one of the best techniques is planks. Decent core strength is required by human body for jogging to standing up.

Long duration jogging is not possible without good core strength and to enhance the same, you can start practicing hold elbow planks on regular basis.

Stay hydrated

Muscles could also be worn out due to dehydration and therefore you need to drink enough amount of water daily. For staying hydrated at the time of jogging, you can also take a sipper with you.

However, take care of not drinking water in excessive amount at the time of jogging but just a sip or two.

Break your own records

Break your own records

Be the competition for yourself and break your own record every day. If you have jogged for 5 minutes today than motivate yourself to do it for 5 minutes more the other day.

This healthy competition from oneself will help you strive for better performance every day.


After completing the running part, you can continue with stretches. Similar to warm-up before running, stretching is important after running to let the muscles recover and protect them from injury.


For proper recovery and rejuvenation, get enough sleep so that there is no wearing or tearing of muscles.

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