Top 10 Watches Brand to look trendy

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Watches signify dignity and classiness of a person. They are perfect object for utility as well as for branding of an individual.

Watches are significance for taste and the best one is the foremost priority of a person.

Even as some of the chronometers are available at cheaper price and a perfect knowledge about luxurious brand depicts your taste and is an aid in splurging on worth.

Let?s have a look at the utmost suitable, top 10 watches brand:

Top 10 watches brand

Top 10 Watches Brand


A brand launched in 1735 was just another brand of that era, it endured great development in growth during 19th?century.

It updated in terms of modernizing it?s production practice and added an innovative factor in watches.

It offers huge collection in watches ranging from minimalist designs to extravagantly designed watches.

IWC Schaffhausen

This brand came up in the year of 1868 and has specialization in finest Swiss watches.

This very brand offer top-quality watches with perfect blend of accuracy and design.

Watches are the great significance of shape and material and they offer the ultimate trend-spotter watches taking care of environmental concerns.

Audemars Piguet

This brand was launched in 1875 by Edward Auguste Piguet and Jules- Louis Audemars and is there actions are undertaken by Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. They come up with around 36,000 timepieces in a year.

They are the first one to create extravagant steel sports watch.



Most trending brand well-recognized for their best swiss watches and they also offer ultimate collection of jewelry.

This brand was launched by Louis Ulysse Chopard in the year, 1860. They are distinguishable for their superb look and specifications.

Chopard is the most desirable brand for their sophisticated timepieces. This brand has a clear vision of designing artistic and innovative production and has become the luxurious brand all around globe.

Ulysse Nardin

It has grown and has been in constant manufacturing since 1846 and has specialization in watches and accessories.

They are outstanding in designing watches as well as use unique specifications, one of them is colored leathers while manufacturing their products.

They are renowned worldwide for their awesomely modernized production and are have great recognition as top 10 watches brand.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe &Co is the well-known Swiss brand launched in the year of 1851.

The chronometers boast the traditional style and mechanics and have been preferred by royalty all over history.

This brand works on consistent marketing tactics and offer remarkable unique and sophisticated signature styled watches.


The ravishing timepieces manufacturing Swiss brand deals in complex detailed and unique designs.

This brand was launched in 1833 and is preferable and appealing. They can be carried on over and over because of its classic elements.


This is the most fashionable and desirable international timepieces brand. It offers great features and functions are prevailing in well-known culture.

The British origins collection of this brand is still known as the most classic designs ever, by this brand. It is well-renowned international brand and is globally powerful brand.

They have huge manufacturing capability, as they undergo per day production of about 2,000 watches.


Well-established Florence Italy, brand founded in 1860, its headquarters are at Milan Italy.

This brand has huge clientele internationally and well known for their ultimate bold and simplistic designs.

Vacheron Constantin

The oldest and luxurious brand established in 1755, Geneva Switzerland.

They fine watches by this brand rank them amongst top 10 watches brand, reflect the sign of heritage.

Napoleon Bonaparte preferred to wear watches and other great personalities like Pope Pius IX and Harry Truman.

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