Top 10 tricks to remove makeup

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 Top 10 tricks to remove makeup

Weddings, Parties and other events asks for little makeup. Little blush, eyeliner stroke, lip shade and other makeup tips lift your ordinary look to glamorous feel. The time consumed in putting makeup to give a perfect look, we often show carelessness in removing it after getting back from events. These mistakes might lead to beauty despairs in future run. There are top 10 tricks to remove makeup and make the post party work less tiresome and more effective.


Milk is the effective element for health as well as skin. It holds protein and fat that hydrate and helps in retaining moisture of skin. In case you have put over tough makeup, you can apply olive oil or milk over face and clean off using cotton or clean cloth.

Almond Oil

A tablespoon of almond oil can do blunders, added in a bowl of milk and cleansing face with it. It will wipe off makeup and help you feel refreshed.

Cucumber Juice


Cucumber is the effective supplement for soothing acne affected skin or irritated skin. It have properties of anti-inflammation that help in skin to relax. Blend cucumber to form a paste of it and you can add on olive oil that together works as a cleanser. It is an awesome mix for soothing skin and to wipe off makeup.

Coconut Oil

A tremendously impressive top 10 tricks to remove makeup, comprises simple ingredient that is effective in removing toughest makeup. Coconut oil holds fatty acids and very little molecular weight that help in better penetration. It works as a great moisturizer for whole body and face and do wonders if applied 10 minutes before bathing.


Body cleanser or moisturizer does wonders in taking makeup off. Light massage and leave it for few seconds, all over face should be covered and all around ears. Then wipe off with a fresh cloth and if makeup is long lasting, keep scrubbing until clears off on cloth.



Skin cleansed off with yogurt feels better and soothing as it contains lactic acid, protein and fat that cleanse and detoxifies skin. It moisturizes skin along with removing makeup and offer soft and glowing skin. Yogurt dabbed on cotton pad and rubbed in circular fashion and left for a while, then wash off face with water.


Avocado oil is considered to be an amazing supplement in removing makeup?if you just have avocado then use it direct on face to clear off makeup. ?Use a cotton pad and cover it with oil of avocado.


Steam is the natural and easy way out to remove makeup. Use a sink of steamed water and lean for few minutes in it. It helps in washing out even last drop of makeup from your face. Steam is the preferable skincare of most of the models and also unblocks skin pores and removes impurities of skin. It is effective amongst all top 10 tricks to remove makeup.

Honey and Aloe Vera?

Aloe VeraPhoto by Tucker Good?on?Unsplash

They both nourish skin and are great solution for removing makeup and impurities of skin. Mix both of them in equal quantity and add on 2 spoon almond or olive oil for a cup of mixture.

Honey and Baking Soda

This is marvelous remedy for cleansing off any sort of makeup. Pour little honey on cloth and sprinkle bit of baking soda and clean it on your face. It is an excellent combination that works as exfoliator and cleanser. Do not scrub, rub it with light hand and rinse face with water.

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