Top 10 Trending Salwar Kameez in 2020

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Top 10 Trending Salwar Kameez in 2020: We Indian women cannot imagine our lives without salwar kameez and other traditional dresses. They are the most comfortable attires in the world. Top 10 Trending Salwar Kameez is one of the most popular Indian dresses worldwide. Salwar kameez is basically a two-piece dress consisting of a top and a bottom piece. The bottom can be either very loose or can be fitted as well. Let’s have a look at some of the trending salwar kameez patterns.

Top 10 Trending Salwar Kameez in 2020

Trending Salwar Kameez


# Top 10 Trending Salwar Kameez in 2020 Links
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3 Patiala Salwar Kameez Shop now
4 Harem Salwar Shop now
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1. Dhoti Salwar

This has its roots from the ancient times and can be a challenging outfit for the men as well. Dhoti was originally worn by Indian men since ancient time till today. This salwar comes with a unique U shape layer starting from front-ending towards the upward direction. They have made a place in the fashion for the last few years. The plates are in a slanted style unlike the harem pants and Patiala salwar. This salwar starts from the ankle and form an asymmetrical shape. This can be a great dress during springs and summer seasons. Pair this dress with flat slip one or wedges in case you want to look taller. Top 10 Trending Salwar Kameez in 2020:

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2. Chudidar Salwar Kameez

This is again a very popular salwar kameez pattern dress. This dress includes fitted salwar and gathers towards the ankle. This salwar is worn with both long and short kurtas. You can get a lot many options in this category. You can get many color options including plain as well as printed. Many women prefer to get it customized stitched according to their favorite color and dress material. You can also experiment with different neck designs and kurta patterns.

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3. Patiala Salwar Kameez

Patiala Salwar Kameez

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As the name suggests, this is a very famous dress in the Northern India provinces. Patiala salwars are a very graceful and wide bottom with plates gathered on the sides. It is one of the major wedding dresses in the Punjabi culture. But nowadays this dress is worn by many celebrities as well. Native people in Punjab call this dress as Patiala Shahi Salwars pertaining to the fact that these salwars are worn by the royal families located in Punjab.

4. Harem Salwar

Many women get confused between the harem salwars and the Aladdin salwars. But the major difference is that the harem salwars are airier as compared to the Aladdin salwars. They have a very big center space and are fitted from the bottoms. You can wear this salwar with a fitted short kurta or even with a fitted top. Many celebrities have worn this salwar with a fitted top and a dupatta or stole to complete the look. You can wear a lot of accessories and this is the best part of this dress. Wear then with funky sneakers or flat bellies.

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5. Afghani Salwar Kameez-

Afghani Salwar Kameez

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As the name suggests this is a popular Afghani dress worn by the ladies there. These are basically a balloon type of salwars with narrow bottom cuffs. The plates are much wider than the rest of salwar. You can either purchase a ready-made Afghani salwar or can even get it stitched from a good tailor. These always have started becoming a trendsetter nowadays.

6. Aladdin Salwars-

Now comes the most magical and mystical salwars of the fashion trends. Aladdin salwar has been able to grab eyeballs lately. These pants are related back to the popular animated series of Arabian Nights. These are somewhat loose plated salwars with narrow bottom cuffs and a slit above them showcasing your calf area. These are very stylish in nature and can be worn with a short kurta or even a fitted top. The loose layers of the salwar fall between the waist and the knees.

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7. Palazzo Salwar Kameez-

Palazzo Salwar Kameez

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These are the latest fashion trends followed worldwide. You can literally wear palazzo pants with any matching kurta or a top and look very stylish. They are a parallel sort of bottom which has flairs towards your legs. They will not mess with your body or cling to your legs giving it a creepy look. This salwar has originated from the Pakistani fashion houses as they have ditched their regular salwars for something more comfortable and stylish.

8. Parallel Salwars

Parallel salwars are one of the most sorted out versions of fashionable pants. These are very simple parallel patterned pants with a straight fitting. These pants belong to the family of the shararas, palazzo pants and cigarette pants. The only difference is about the fitting of each of these pants.

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9. Cigarette pants

Cigarette pants
Cigarette pants are one of the most stylish innovations in recent times. These are well-fitted pants with an ankle length height. You can either purchase a few common colored pants and can mix and match them with your Kurtis or tops or can get them stitched according to your dress. These pants are quite popular in corporate offices as well. These pants are much narrower than eh regular parallel pants. This is one of the favorites of the college going girls. You can pair these pants with high heels or even with smart flat ballerinas.

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10. Printed Salwars

This is a good old salwar which is widely appreciated by the ladies and girls in India. These are somewhat loose and airy salwars with a matching color and print of your kurta. They also have some plates that are gathered at the bottom cuffs. These are a perfect choice for daily wear. This is widely liked by the ladies who are housewives are into a traveling job.

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Many schools in India prefer to have salwar kameez as their uniform as this is a symbol of the Indian values and morals. Salwar kameez dresses have come a long way and are still going on strong. You can either go for a readymade salwar kameez or for a customized and stitched one. Whatever you choose, make sure you consider the current fashion trends in mind. You can do some experiment with the Kurtis styling as well.

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