Top 10 traditional outfits from all over world

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Top 10 traditional outfits:- The most fun-loving thing of any woman?s life is being dressed up in awesome shades and beautifully designed outfits belonging to their motherland. Traditional outfits are a symbol of pride and respect.

They hold great status in society, they are preferred the choice of any special occasion and are known for their exclusivity. Some outfits are accepted by society to a great extent and others are yet to be evolved.

Here is the list of some beautiful and top 10 traditional outfits from all over the world:

Top 10 traditional outfits

Saree traditional outfits?

Saree is the traditional outfit of India is worn around by women in countries like India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and Burma. It is usually 5 to 9 yards in length cloth that is draped around the body, it is styled in different ways. They come in different fabrics like silk, cotton, chiffon and designed in plenty of vibrant designs and colors.

Cheongsam traditional outfits

Mandarin gown is another name for this traditional outfit, this outfit is preferred by Chinese women and men. Changsha is the outfit for Chinese men and Cheongsam is carried by Chinese women.

It was designed in 1920 in Shanghai city and later it was accepted as a mark of fashion by the high-class population of China. It is a skin fit long gown dress that ends up at toes. The traditional outfit of China became the choice of style icons and socialites.

Ao Dai traditional outfits

The Vietnamese outfit was worn by women of this country. The tight outfit designed of silk material and is adorned by women on traditional events.

It is stated as the national outfit of Vietnam and symbolizes the feminine beauty of Vietnamese women in an amazing way. The ?Ao? word of this dress is denoted as the upper part and ?Dai? is denoted as ?long?.

Muumuu traditional outfits

The awesome Hawaiian name is offered to this long loose dress depicting Hawaii origins. It is worn on festivals, occasional events, and weddings and is reflected as formal wear. It is adorned by women for the classy look it offers as it is preferred in the hotel industry.

The loose dress with loose shoulders and sleeves look decent and breathtaking look when worn out. ?It is a classy outfit amongst top 10 traditional outfits from all over the world.

Baju Kurung

The national dress of Malaysia and Brunei and became popular in the year of 1970 and 1980. This dress is preferred and adorned because of respect at festivals and events. It is worn at many of traditional occasions at Thailand and Singapore, where many traditional Malays reside.

It is the foremost choice of women because of the closed and loose structure that makes you comfortable and covers the whole body.

Traje De Flamenca

This outfit is worn out by Spain Flamenco dancers. The dress is designed beautifully with polka dots or plain design and is in colors like blue, yellow or red.

The knee length dress is worn as a skirt and top or a dress. It is adorned when they make the flamenco charming and charismatic look-n-feel.


The Spanish outfit is the preferred choice of Spanish Latin Americans. This dress came in existence in the 16th and 17th century when became famous as a colonial dress of Spain.

A big single piece skirt is worn at traditional events and is of many types, kinds, and materials, but cotton and silk ones are the popular choices.


The Japanese dress was worn during cultural and traditional events. T-Shaped robes covering the whole body have long and wide sleeves on both sides.

Kimono is worn out widely by men and women of Japan at tea ceremonies and weddings. They are designed in many shades especially in vibrant colors and in black and white colors.

Tricana Poveira

The traditional Portuguese outfit came up from Povoa de Varzim city. The Tropicana girls are the one who prefers these outfits. With time this outfit was customized and designed to new styles and basically worn by women during traditional events, folks, international events, and parades.

It is the best fashioned and elegant outfit amongst top 10 traditional outfits from all over the world.


This is the skirt that is cut in a circular way and is knee length. It is preferred in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Austria.

They are expensive and offer exclusivity of design as they are in silk and printed handmade fabrics. In the 19th?century, they are worn as a uniform for Austrian servants and preferred by high society Austrian population picked it as the high fashioned outfit.

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