Top 10 smartwatch bands that you must know

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Top 10 smartwatch bands:- It?s not necessary that for a new look you want a new watch, as it is not possible for everyone and also not a good option.

So the question comes into the mind then what to do? And the answer is very simple by which you get a new look and which is also within your range is interchangeable watch bands.

That you can customize with your smartwatches. The top 10 smartwatch bands are given below have a look on them.

Top 10 smartwatch bands

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1Kate Spade New York Apple Watch StrapShop now
2Gigi New York 38mm Double Wrap Apple Watch BandShop now
3Apple Watch Classic Buckle BandShop now
4End Scene Line Geo Fitbit Charge 2 BandShop now
5Kate Spade New York Apple Watch StrapShop now
6Maledan Fitbit Charge 2 Band:- Top 10 smartwatch bandsShop now
7Gigi New York 38mm Apple Watch BandShop now
8Michele Apple Alligator Watch StrapShop now
9Funktionalwearables Double Row Chain Link Apple Watch BandShop now
10Covery Apple Watch BandShop now

Kate Spade New York Apple Watch Strap

Best for: The pattern of this watch strap is bright and color full one. Good quality of material is use in it, comfortable to wear and good looking. It can be easily compatible with watch series of apple 1&2. The length of this strap is around 38mm. Top 10 smartwatch bands

User review: ?? The leather which is use in this strap is of high quality. I am using this strap for more than 1 year and this time also it just look like perfect. I mostly love to wear this strap for it bright and beautiful colors which are used in this strap. ?

Gigi New York 38mm Double Wrap Apple Watch Band

Best for: It?s having a neutral and chic look which will never run out of the trend. A very good quality of pebble grain leather is used in it which is very comfortable and soft for the skin. If you are looking for a strap that never goes out from the tread or a simple and sober one then you should go for this strap. Especially the school and college going students will love this concept the most. It is compatible with watch series of apple 1, 2, and 3. You have various color options with this strap.

Apple Watch Classic Buckle Band

Best for: The material which is used in this band is of leather and having a good quality. It gives a classy look and seems to be more professional one. The buckle of this band is adjustable and gives a perfect fit. You can wear it in any type of functions whether it is private or corporative. The comfort level of the band is good that you can wear it for the whole day without any adjustment make to it. The availability of this band is in the measurement of 38mm and 42mm.

End Scene Line Geo Fitbit Charge 2 Band

BEST FOR:?If your body sweat too much then this particular band is design for you because it having the water resistant property. Mainly the athletics that use to sweat too much can go for this band. Looking wise it is stylish and you will feel very comfortable while wearing this strap. Especially this band is made up for Fitbit charger 2tm. The band is available in many different colors but comes in only one size. Its unique property of moisture and sweat resistant make it different and unique from other bands.

Kate Spade New York Apple Watch Strap

This band gives a perfect touch of femininity. The leather used in it is scalloped known for its high quality. The band is light weighted as by wearing this you never feel that is something wear by you or not. Length of this band is around 38mm and available in many colors. This band is usually most loved by women because of its design and pattern. It is compatible with watch series of apple 1 and 2.

Maledan Fitbit Charge 2 Band:- Top 10 smartwatch bands

It is superb flexible and stylish looking band. Made up of stainless steel and having a magnetic closure. The quality of the stainless steel is superb and comfortable on wearing. This band offer by Maledan fit bit gives you seven kinds of different stainless steel hues and available in different colors. If you are thinking that the steel cause irritation on to your skin or you having any doubt related to this then forget about those because the quality of this band is rank among the top.

Gigi New York 38mm Apple Watch Band


Beautiful pebble grain leather material is used by this band. The pebble grain material is known for its softness and it having a good quality. This band is in more demand among its customer due to its comfort and good looks. The durability of this band is superb and a long lasting one. This band is embedding with a small screwdriver by which the user can adjust the watch. This band is compatible with apple watch series of 1, 2 and 3.

Michele Apple Alligator Watch Strap:- Top 10 smartwatch bands

USERS: ?It is very hard to uncover a good quality of leather band that look simple and sober but not the sporty one. After purchasing this band I found myself very comfortable and feel good by having a right choice.?

Best for: This band gives you a classic look with the many striking colors, compatible with apple series 1and 2 and having a length of 38mm.

Funktionalwearables Double Row Chain Link Apple Watch Band


It is a stainless steel watch band also known as edgy watch band. This band is quite affordable and in your budget. The customers are having no issues related to its quality and durability as this band rank at the top position in accordance with it quality and long lasting property. The band is available in many different colors and the length is around 38mm and 42mm. It can be easily compatible with apple watch series 1, 2 and 3.

Covery Apple Watch Band

USERS SAID: ?The size, quality, comfort and color provided by this band are just wow! I have 3 bands of this brand with different colors and loving those so much. As if I talk about the looking part or design of the band then it perfectly cool and up to the mark. ?

Best for: Known for its good quality and comfort. Compatible with nike and apple series 1, 2, and 3. The band is available in different bright colors and having a length of 38mm and 42mm.

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