Top 10 Perfume brands for women to add grace to your looks

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Top 10 Perfume brands for women

Top 10 Perfume brands for women

Women want to smell great and attract men by their fragrance. Smelling good enhances confidence within and helps in feeling great. A product has been chosen implies good impression on others.

Good fragrance enhances self-confidence and drives away attention of people around. Here are top 10 perfume brands for women offering soothing perfumes, which makes it easy for you to find signature smell as it?s the most difficult choice to be made.

Black Opium

It is a sexy and tempting perfume that radiates luxury and is found out to be mysterious. It smells sweet lusciously and offers 100% authenticity. It is affordable and leaves smellers in great wonders.


It is loved and preferred most because it?s soothed in day and goes perfectly for night outs. It is a sexist and luxurious fragrance that drives off attention.

A single spritz is enough to stand out for the whole day. It smells feminine because of its floral fragrance of jasmine and gold.


It is awesomely feminine and offers frisky and innocent personality. It is perfect for those who love light fragrance and having complaints of headache.

It is best choice for summer and spring season. Floral fragrance i.e. light and soothe makes it preferable scent for women.

Black Orchid

It is a long-lasting and amazing unisex perfume i.e. highly preferable. One of top 10 perfume brands for women that offers prominent fragrance and help you relish bunch of compliments. An appealing and dark scent that is perfect for both women and men.

La vie Belle

It is a perfect companion of an extraordinary night out and important occasions. Damn strong perfume that lasts long for days. It is less expensive than Rolf Flowerbomb but smells almost similar. It suits the women with bold and feminine personality.

Women?s Fantasy Eau de

It is sweet-fragranced and light perfume that is signifies marshmallows and cotton candy. Wearing this perfume can get you compliments galore. It is a candy-like, sweet and her fantasy perfume.

Viva La Juicy

A playful fragrance that smells amusing. This scent provides goes well with almost every occasion because of light its fragrance. It is a fusion of crisp and creamy fragrance.

It has a vanilla, jasmine and blueberries mix that provides confidence to be as flirty and playful women around.

Wonderstruck Eau De

It is a great fusion of musky, floral and fruity fragrance that is loved by men as well as women. It is a pleasant scent to linger crowd around you. It doesn?t last too long just for 4-6 hours.

My Insolence

It is a beautiful formula as the soft, soothing scent lasts for a while. A well-crafted top 10 perfume brands for women, that offers lovely cologne around. It is rarely found that is why many women know about it.

Coco Channel

It offers a classy and confident personality and is one of the classic scents. Its fragrance depicts the sophistication and elegant side of someone.

It is a great fusion of spicy, sweet and bold taste. As it is rich in the smell, it might not get well in summer season or at casual proceedings.

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