Top 10 Nail Paint Brands for beautiful nails

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Top 10 Nail Paint Brands for beautiful nails

Nail color is another essential accessory for women around. The major secret behind proper manicure-pedicure is great shade of nail polish.

We are living in the era of ultimate indulgence and same expectation we hold with our nail polish. We want things as per convenience and with great look n feel, as it must dry fast and should be chip resistant. Here are ultimate and top 10 nail polish brands that you will surely love to try for giving a perfect look to your nails.


The well-renowned brand producing nail paints. Ranging from cream to metallic, this brand offers plenty of shades that makes it easy for you to find colors. It is one of the most fabulous and fast selling nail paint brands. It is best in quality, quantity, and price that make it more preferable.

Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild

Price is the most concerned factor in order to buy any product. This brand is cost-effective and stays longer than other expensive nail paints. It comes with effective brush that helps in smooth coloring of nails and quickly dries off nails.


This is the first-rate nail paint brand available in plenty of shades and finishes. It is highly recommended nail paint brand because of its classy colors, quantity and quality. Availability might seem to be an issue.


nxy nail paint

It is one of the trendiest brands amongst top 10 nail paint brands. The NYX nail polish comes with great quality and in many colors and finishes to give ultimate touch to your nails. They are awesome choice to go for except availability factors that might be an issue.


Finest quality brand for nail paints and it is available in two sizes and offer other amazing nail crafty products such as nail stickers, nail arts, artificial nails and much more. They are well-known for their colors, price, quantity and quality.


These nail paint brand amazing as it offers good colors, smooth and long-lasting nail paints. They dry quickly and do not chip off for days. It?s quality is remarkable with edgy colors and shades.


The gel formulated nail paint is offered by this awesome nail paint brand. These nail paints are long lasting and durable even last after painting and sanding like activities. They are accessible in plenty of shades, finishes and takes lesser time to dry. They are easily available and at affordable prices.



An affordable brand of USA offering great collection of nail paints. It makes available with varied shades, range and colors, ranging from neon shades to soft shades to matte shades.

It is recommended widely because of its availability factor, quality, color range, affordability and quantity. ?Colorbar nail paints are the must have stuff in your pile.


The brand i.e. up-to-the-minute in its nail polish, they might seem to be expensive to some people. They come with effective features like they dry soon and offer a professional look. They are available in varied shades and colors but availability might be an issue.

China Glaze

The affordable and reliable brands amongst top 10 nail paint brands. They offer charming colors and shades. It is favorite brand of many fashion divas and are finest quality nail paints.

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