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The miraculous makeup tips are the most essential thing possible. Some beauty tricks, secrets are marvelous and effective and followed by many talented makeup artists. Cheeks, lips, face, brows and eyes everything needs to be perfectly organized. Here are some tips that are shortlisted to separate chaff from wheat, let?s have a look at top 10 makeup tips:

Top 10 Makeup tips

Makeup Tips

Use of spoon can aid you in avoiding marks of mascara

Holding spoon above eyelid and apply mascara normally as you do. Move the mascara stick against your eyelashes and at spoon?s back. Using this tip helps in getting residual coat over spoon instead of skin.

Blend loose pigments along with petroleum jelly and get a customized lip gloss.

Any eyeshadow colors that you are in love with and want to try them as lip shade. Try mixing it with minute lotion or petroleum jelly and apply it on your lips.

Obscure puffy eyes and dark circle by a triangle covering it

The optimum manner in which you must apply the concealer is in a triangular shape under lashline till the point at bottom of cheeks. This shape aids in concealing redness under the eye and at sides. This gives the illusion of face being elevated as under eye part is brightest point.

Eyelash curler is heated with dryer, to make lashes curling an easy task.

The hot air on eyelash curler makes it effective in making eyelash curling an easier task. Blow the dryer at lash curler until it gets heated up, wait for a while and cool it slightly not completely and then compress your lashes in order to curl them.

Mix saline solution with flaky mascara to wet it again

Everything need to be consumed till a particular date, it?s usage beyond that date might cause harm. Same is the case with mascara as it must be used for 3 months not beyond that as it collects bacteria that cause eye infection. Within that time span mascara dries and to resuscitate it again add saline solution in little amount.

Mark slant hashtag to get instant smokey effect

Get pretty smokey eyes in few simple steps, draw hashtag on the right most corner of eye and mix it well with the help of smudger on the opposite side of eye liner. Be more elegant by following top 10 makeup tips.

Spoon aids in creating accurate winged liner

The spoon is held against outer end of eye and a straight line is being drawn as very first step. Then flip back the spoon and use curvy outer edge for perfect winged effect.

Get a gel formula from pencil eyeliner by burning it

Hold your eye pencil under flame for a second or so and cool it down to notice the consistent change in it before applying it on eyes. Use your newly created gel liner for instant smudge.

Get a natural looking contour with help of pen, makeup brush or pencil

Every face is different and accordingly goes on with makeup. Below cheekbone is the perfect place for rolling a pen, makeup brush, or for dusting bronzer. Find the accurate placement and dust bronzer on face with outline brush and get natural shade by diffusing it.

Draw ?X? on upper lip and get perfect lips

Another amazing tip amongst top 10 makeup tips that is effective and loveable. Get perfect lips for pout in an easiest way possible, take a lip liner of same shade as of lipstick and draw ?X? on lips. Apply lipstick in the normal manner as you do!!

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