Top 10 makeup tips for summer

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makeup tips for summer

Summer season is the time of beautiful things to happen but messy eyeliner, melting makeup or sticky lipstick is not tolerable. Here are top 10 makeup tips for summer that are considerably the best of tips to go for in order to keep the makeup fresh and awe-stuck even in this hot weather that is against all of it.?Top 10 makeup tips for summer

Start off with an appropriate base

Skin care should be the foremost concern, use a moisturizer that is oil-free. You must go with moisturizer that suits your skin type and for that consult a dermatologist, as it is must to avoid the skin glitches.

Bronze believably

Bronzer adds on stars on your beauty that makes eyes brighter and adds on warmth on skin. Apply bronzer on sun affecting high points of face to look natural and fresh.

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Skip shimmer

Moist glowing is preferable and loved by everyone but having healthy radiance is of great importance. Avoid foundations or glowing and luminous stuffs as humid weather makes you look extra glowing and give a sweaty look if you had much of sparkle on skin.

Use primer

Primer is the great choice to go for as it is great companion of makeup for this hot weather. They are not heavy or provide any additional layer, it simply holds back makeup in place. It is one of the best amongst Top 10 makeup tips for summer.

Give eyeshadows long life

Switch from eye cream to eye primer that does not break makeup. Apply powder over cream for long wearability. Double up the liner or apply pencil then use angled brush to dab dark shadow over liner for long wear.

Keep it light

Don?t apply over makeup it lead to creasing as it is said less is more and better. You can use concealer and moisturizer wherever needed. Makeup moves around and to avoid this wear less makeup this summer.

Switch to vibrant colors

If you carrying on vivid top or bright bag then this is the time to fall for livelier colors as they brighten face and bring glowing youthful skin. A blush on cheeks is perfect start and it looks awesome.

Walk in waterproof

The trending fashion is all about long wear products that are for beautifying your looks. Brilliant mascara that is waterproof. Don?t compromise with your prettiness this summer and try on more of amazing waterproof products.

Swap out heavy coated lipsticks

Get rid-off with matte lipsticks that are heavy for summer and go for something sober in trend and have long-lasting methods. Apply lip balm to get moisture and try bright and sweet shades like peach and pink that goes perfectly this summer.

Keep handy and prep stuffs along

Be photogenic and elegant in this weather by following top 10 makeup tips for summer and avoid oil in picture by carrying handy things like blotting paper to whip off sweat and excess oil without relying on other products.

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