Top 10 Lipstick brands you should not miss

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Top 10 Lipstick brands

The mysterious bond shared by lipstick and women is since ancient days of civilizations. Lip shade is considered as mood booster that offer glamorous look in no second. It is undoubtedly the most essential tool of women to look hot and sexy. The 3 factors to be considered while picking a lipstick are shade, finish and brand, that is of great importance as its quality is dependent on brand. Here are top 10 lipstick brands that are choice of almost every woman around:


This brand was started in 1999 and sold to L?Oreal in 2014. This brand went on expanding wide range products that were innovative and suits as per needs. They offer best quality lipsticks that are reasonable as well.

Some amazing lipsticks offered are:

  1. NYX matte lip cream
  2. NYX matte lipstick

  3. NYX makeup throttle lipstick


This brand is recognized all around world for their top quality and best-selling innovative products. The safest lipsticks that are gluten-free that makes it better than other brands.

Some awesome lip products are:

  1. Maybelline Sensational Matte Lipstick

  2. Maybelline Lip Gradation

  3. Maybelline matte lipstick


The revolutionary beauty house from Switzerland creates fine formulation of lipsticks. They offer wide range of lip shades from crayon to liquid. It was introduced in 1993 and was specialized in varied beauty products. Top 10 lipstick brands are the overwhelming collection for fashion divas to look glamorous.

Have a look at the phenomenal products by them:

  1. Chambor?Liquid Lipstick

  2. Chambor Moisture Lipstick

  3. Chambor?Matte Lipstick


It is most admired brands all around the world. It was introduced in the year 1909 and was world?s largest cosmetic brand. They specialize in skin products, hair care products and perfume. L?Oreal is the most reliable when it comes to lipsticks as they are rich in color, quality and offer long-lasting lip products.

Some tremendous lip products are:

  1. L?Oreal Paris?Magique?Lipstick

  2. L?Oreal Paris Star Lipstick

  3. L?Oreal Paris Matte Lipstick


Makeup Art Cosmetics (MAC) launched in 1984. They came up with makeup products for models and professionals, then gradually it became the global brand. It is great brand that is socially conscious and produce products that are cruelty free, recycle products and much more.

Let?s have a look to their top lipsticks:

  1. Amplified Lipstick

  2. Matte Lipstick

  3. Liquid Lipstick


The most reputed brand that produce quality beauty products and offer at economical rates. This brand came up in the year of 2005 and groomed at great pace. They have great formulation in lipstick and India brand is awesome and innovative as it offer varied beauty products.

Here are best of their lipsticks:

  1. Colorbar Lipstick

  2. Colorbar Matte Lipstick

  3. Colorbar Lip Stain


This brand was launched in 1932 and it brought revolution in beauty industry. It started with beauty salons in New York but now it has become a great companion of every woman around. They offer varied collection of personal care and skin care products. This brand is awesome choice if you looking out for iconic lipsticks and they have gained popularity worldwide.

Get to know about their top collection in lipstick:

  1. Revlon Matte Lipstick

  2. Revlon Lustrous Lipstick

  3. Revlon burst Lipstick


Faces is the most amazing brand amongst top 10 lipstick brands as they are Canadian heritage since 40 years. They produce exclusive collection of makeup. They offer awesome quality products that are developed with antioxidants and have beneficial properties in their lipsticks. They are socially conscious, so they do not try them on animals. They are amongst hypoallergenic ones!!

The best ranges in lipstick offered by them are:

  1. Faces Chick Lipstick

  2. Faces Matte Crayon

  3. Faces Matte Lipstick


This brand was launched in the year 1886 and is fifth greatest beauty brand in the world and second best-selling brand in world. They are renowned for their lip products and their affordable prices. This brand is socially aware and takes great concern towards women and stood for them in causes like domestic violence, awareness about breast cancer and others?

Some classic collections of lipstick offered by them are:

  1. Avon Hydrating Lipstick

  2. Avon Matte Lipstick

  3. Avon Ignite Lipstick


The brand launched initially as perfumery by the year 1834 and further turned out as great brand offering varied beauty products from foundation to lipstick to mascara. They focused on customers self-expressive gestures in using their beauty products. They are groomed as well-renowned makeup brand worldwide and their lipsticks are the most loved and sold product.

Have a look at which lipstick you must splurge on?

  1. Rimmel Lip Lacquer

  2. Rimmel Finish Lipstick

  3. Rimmel Renew Lipstick

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