Home remedies for skin care in winter

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Top 10 home remedies for skin care in winter:

The chilly winter season is on or at least it could be said that winters have started. Depending upon the varied parts of the country, the temperature can range from really cold to barely cold. However, one thing that is certain is that our skin needs extra care in winters as it could become flaky and dry on account of the dry weather and can look pale.

This weather effect gets combined with day to day problems such as sleeplessness, stress, unstable diet that makes the skin look tired and exhausted. For maintaining proper skin health, it is important to follow the remedies that can offer desired protection.

home remedies for skin care in winter

Top 10 home remedies for skin care in winter

No need of filters as these remedies can provide that glow to your skin from within.

Coconut oil

This is the home remedy that serves as a great savior for skin. For those having dull and dry skin, one of the wonderful natural moisturizer is coconut oil.

For this, you can massage your face with few drops of warm oil. This could be left on skin overnight or for 15-20 minutes and then you can wash it off.

The oil could also be added with sugar occasionally for skin exfoliation. Coconut oil can also help to soothe skin that is irritated and became flaky due to cold weather.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another great remedy for promoting overall hair and skin health and with the non-greasy texture, it also serves to be a wonderful moisturizer. The skin problems such as wrinkles and acne are also kept away by the action of aloe vera giving you a firm skin.

Take the leaf, drain the resin from it and scrape out the gel. To form the gel, blend it with the help of mixer. Wash off the face, apply aloe vera gel and let it remain as it is. Refreshing face masks could also be made by mixing the gel with ingredients such as honey and turmeric



This is one of the ingredients that will not make you go wrong even with everyday use. It is useful for several skin types making the skin fresh and soft. For using this, just apply some honey on face, leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off.

This could also be combined with milk to apply on face and once it dries, you can wash it off. Skin is moisturized by honey keeping it free from bacteria and the complexion is also boosted with this. For getting best results, you can use organic and raw honey.


This ingredient acts as natural exfoliator for skin. The dead skin cells are dissolved by the action of lactic acid contained in it that serves to be the main step for skin penetration by the moisturizer. For dull and dry skin, it acts like an antidote by offering desired moisture to the skin and making it firm.

Yoghurt could also be mixed with drops of lemon juice and honey to make a pack. Apply this on face and after 15-20 minutes, wash it off.?


This ingredient acts like yoghurt?s sibling in version of liquid in the context of winter skin care home remedies. It contains lactic acid that helps remove blemishes, dark spots and dead skin when used on regular basis. It could be used as a peel-off mask on face or could be rubbed on the dark spots.



Skin can get great toning effect from raw milk. It is full of lactic acid and antioxidants that eliminate dark spots from face and makes the complexion even.

The ingredients such as almond, papaya, honey and turmeric could also be combined with milk to get that glow on skin.

Fuller?s earth

This works great for skin types other than sensitive and dry skin. Those having oily skin cam use fuller?s earth for making the skin free from excess sebum. The impurities are removed from skin and it is cleansed while any type of inflammation is also treated.

Once in the duration of a week, multani mitti could be combined with sandalwood powder and powder of orange peel to provide the skin with that desired glow. Ingredients such as yoghurt, cucumber, honey etc. could also be combined with fuller?s earth to get varied benefits for the skin.?

Eggs?home remedies for skin care in winter

In the winter season, skin health could also be enhanced with eggs on account of their several beneficial properties. Several skin types could get benefits with application of eggs. They contain water and fatty acids that serve like moisturizer while the pores are tightened by the egg whites on account of their acerbic properties.

Face mask could be made by mixing eggs with olive oil, honey, and yoghurt. Apply it on face and when it gets dry, wash it off to notice the difference.?

Tomato or potato slices

Tomato or potato slices

The skin can get rid of blemishes, puffy eyes, wrinkles, dryness along with several other benefits when rubbed with potato or tomato slices on account of their lightening properties. This remedy is very easy as it takes no time to make the skin soak these juices goodness by rubbing them on it.?

Proper hydration

It is very important to provide the skin with desired moisture and therefore drinking adequate amount of water is necessary. The body toxins are flushed out when skin receives hydration from within. This is helpful in oil balancing and also reduces wrinkles appearance. 1.6 liters of water is recommended for women to be consumed on daily basis.

Also, take care of not gulping it all at once as then it will be soon expelled by the body. All through the day, maintain proper gaps between water consumption so that all that is consumed is soaked by the skin.

These are the useful remedies for skin care in winter so that you can enjoy the season without any harsh effect of weather on the skin.

Make sure that at the time of bathing, you make use of lukewarm water to wash the face instead of warm water as it can result in causing facial skin dryness.


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