Top 10 hairstyles you must try

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Top 10 hairstyles

Top 10 hairstyles

want to look trendy and stylish. Here are the top 10 hairstyle that are just perfect for you and are in trend with number of girls going for them.

Bangs and long lengths

Do not like the fringe cut? Try this wonderful style with a little trim to remove the dead ends. The addition of piece-y, wispy and subtle bangs makes it all the more trendy and perfect hairstyle. Flawless grow out is allowed by this style.

Top bangs and bob

The styles of chin glaze are in trend and could be seen on number of celebrities. You can also opt for the addition of blunt bangs set that will help in complete look transformation. The longer styles serve to be a better option as they could be center parted and swept as well to one side when they begin to grow out.

Shag and wispy bangs cut

Is shag cut perfect for you? If yes, then this serves to be the best option that you can opt for. Once the desired length is there, you can ask the stylist for the longer layers with the bangs set. This could be made to a ponytail by pulling them up. You can opt for perm in case further texture is desired.

Textured pixie

This serves to be the perfect pixie cut. However, you need to ask the stylist for the top with some length. This allows you with the option for adding waves and texture with the help of paste or gel.

Long layers

This is the style that goes perfect with layers that are face-framing. Try to avoid them begin choppy as this would not look nice. The look could be demonstrated perfectly with the angled style.

Curtain bangs

This is one of the top 10 hairstyles that is in trend and number of girls are going for it. If the fringe is already growing then this is the style that you might already have. The styling routine could be made much easier in case this is the first time that you are chopping the bangs. The fringe must be long with sufficient weight so that it is easy to pick it up to the side or center parted.

Layered, long pixie

For this style, it is better to have the top with body and significant length so that it is possible to make the mini ponytail by pulling it up. This haircut is the perfect pick for you in case you like everyday styling of hair and want to reduce much of the length. This style serves to be extremely versatile and there is one of the top 10 hairstyles that one must try.

Blunt and long

This style goes perfect with no layers and no angles. It is the case of straight-across and blunt cut. Attention is required for this hair style. However, it is not much complicated and is simple in nature.

Choppy bob

This is one of the top 10 hairstyles that is the hottest haircut of 2018 and there is no way it could go down. Subtle layers are incorporated in this style and it can fall below or above the chin. With waves, this style looks perfect if making use of curling wand is not a problem for you.

Asymmetrical lob

Right above or below the collarbone hits this style. This length must be asked from the stylist. Also, do not forget to ask for the length that is short in back and long in the front.

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