Top 10 hairstyles for working women

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A working woman understands the trouble of wearing the same boring hairstyle each day as she faces this problem due to less or no time in the daily busy schedule. We are here with the top 10 hairstyles for working women that will make them wear unique hairstyle and look fabulous.

Top 10 hairstyles for working women

hairstyles for working women

1. Smoothly extended bob with side swept and curves

For working women, one of the most professional and popular haircuts is bob. An extended bob with profound side swept thud and edges that are slightly bent can do wonders for the working women who want to go for unique hairstyle.

2. Graduated fringes and small volumized bob

Working women always look elegant and smart in the bob that is very short. This could be simply decorated with proceeded fringes in the front to make the most of this hairstyle and adding the crown with volume.

3. Highlighted loose waves with messy texture

Most of the corporate beauties appreciate to keep the hair loose by making a center part. On the loose normal flaxen waves, brown highlights and messy finish will result in a great hairstyle.

4. Bob with external curls and soft fringes

This hairstyle features simple bob with front fringes covering the forehead and side bangs of chin length covering face edge. The crown has a puff and remaining hair is bowed in external direction.

5. Side bang in a curvy side ponytail

This is a misconception that ponytail is not a corporate hairstyle. Aside low ponytail will change the perception and go wonderfully with side bang and smart waves that perfectly match with the professional outfit.

6. Short bob with messy fringes in front

This is the hairstyle with curved ends and short layers on the boyish bob. The look becomes all the more graceful with front fringes having messy effect.

7. Extended side-swept bang on short bob

This is a super smart yet chic short bob that will make you look most stylish at the workplace. This hairstyle is highly popular with its speciality as the side swept neat bang.

8. Textured stuck in curls on retro bob

It is not necessary that retro look goes well only for the formal events and parties. It can work great as a professional hairstyle as well. The appearance is made all the more sizzling with textured hair curled inward.

9. Graceful and simple twisted topknot

Topknot is the style that looks elegant and offers the look that is tidy and neat, both of which are necessary for a professional appearance. This could also be made to appear fresher with a little twist in it.

10. Semi-circular fringes on straight long hair

For the women having straight and long hair, this acts as the perfect and simplest hairstyle for professional front. Semi-circular fringes at the front characterize this style that adds grace to the corporate women personality.

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