Top 10 fastest bikes for real thrill

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Top 10 fastest bikes

The absolute fact of today?s lifestyle is living a lavishing lifestyle without compromising with dreams and budget. ?Motorcycles are the first love of any guy around and the matter of concern is what bike is worth spending savings on. The one that is fastest is the foremost choice of everyone around. Let?s make it stress-free for you to decide as to which one is the perfect bike to go for, here is the list of top 10 fastest bikes:

Kawasaki Ninja

This is the swift bike that is claimed as the second speediest production of motorcycles. This ultimate creation requires 2.7 seconds time to cover up 0 to 100 km ph. Ninja ZX-14R has 1441cc four regulator cooling liquid engines. It produces the power of 10,000 rpm and is placed at the top position in the list of speediest bikes in all around the world.

Dodge Tomahawk

The amazing production of motorcycle designed for covering 420mph speed. Dodge came up with this superb creation in the year of 2003 and has sold out just 9 motorcycles till date.

It is fully featured motorbikes with 8.3 liters, 10 viper engines and with 500 HP power. It has 4 wheels that are not common with other motorbikes. It has the capacity of covering around 60 miles in 1.5 seconds.

MTT Superbike

The outstanding production that got sanctioned in Guinness book of world records as ?powerful motorcycle?. Turbine Superbike Y2K was produced in the time span of 2000 and 2005. This bike is wheel-driven with turboshaft engine that makes it one amongst the top 10 fastest bikes of the world.

This bike converts heat energy in the output power and covers up around 228 miles per hour.

Honda CBR1100XX

The speediest sports motorbike produced by Honda and titled as fastest production that dragged back Kawasaki ZX-11. It covers 190 miles per hour and has an ultimate smoothness feature.


The motorbike designed with ultimate speed by Aprilia Company. It hits 140 km ph in 10 seconds time and has a V-twin engine. Aprilia RSV 1000R covers 175 miles per hour and has a spectacular design with a top quality seat.


The most popular motorbikes with ultimate speed are the production of Ducati. It comes with a speed of 169 miles per hour with 1099 cc engine. Ducati 1098S has designed with features like weight saving and racing components. The speediest and lightest motorbikes ranked amongst top 10 fastest bikes with proficient suspension.

MV Agusta

The limited edition motorbikes from an Italian production company, Agusta. It has 16 radical cooled engines and has 174 HP power and consumes 3.1 seconds to cover up 100 Kmph with 184 miles per hour speed.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa

This motorbike is named insignificance of the fastest bird of the world that covers 203 mph speed. This motorcycle has 194 miles per hour speed that is closer to the speed of Peregrine falcon, fastest bird.

It has effective features like 4 cylinder and liquid cooling engine that generates 197 HP power at 6750 rpm.

Yamaha YZF

The Japanese manufactured superbike that is very impressive. The very first famous R1 series was launched in 1998 with liquid cooling feature, 998 cc, and 4 cylinder engine. It covers 186 miles per hour as per recorded stats.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

The sports bike by Kawasaki is the speediest production of till date. It can hit above 249 miles per hour and has 4 inline engines. The trellis frame offers the ultimate strength and control to this model. It has a smooth and fast shifting offered by dog-ring diffusion.

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