Top 10 DIY Nail Arts

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Top 10 DIY Nail Arts

Up-to-date fashion is highly preferable in all precincts be it clothing, footwears or hairstyle, then how could nail arts be lagging behind in race. Just painting nails black or grey or red is definitely not enough as there are hell lot of artistic and amazing designs that transform basic shaded nails into brilliant top 10 DIY nail arts. It is easy and without any requirement of tools. It simply requires creativeness and enthusiasm. Don?t you agree, fashion girls out there??!!

Let?s check out top 10 DIY nail art

Lace Nails

Using a scarp piece lace and trying the method similar as nails from skin of snake. Wrap the lace around nail, try dabbing nail paint with the help of makeup sponge. An easy-frizzy nail art design that seems to be tricky? right girls!!!

Nail Art using thin stripy

Try out thin and striped nails using fan brush that is amazing nail art design. Coat your nails with a nail paint and let it dry then using bristles of fan brush painted in some different color, brush nails horizontally. Let it dry off and continue doing it with different shades.

Turquoise Stone

A scrap plastic or wrapper does wonders as nail art tool. As nail paint dries crush the plastic and dab the nail paint over it and dab paper to remove the excess of it. Isn?t it easy and stylish amongst, top 10 diy nail arts.

Using shearing scissors

Shearing scissors, love of every student in school days. It is never ending love of fashion girls too as these cut in the shape of zig-zag along with scotch tape giving a perfect scalloped design or zig-zag shape.

Pretty Gingham

Scotch tape not only helps with straight lines. It can be used to stick on nails for amazing pattern. Coat tape with nail paint, cut in strips after it dries, and here you are. Once you are done with it cut excess part and top coat for sealing it.

Feather art

Real feathers using nail glue gives a perfect chic feel to your nails, don?t you all think? Cut feather to fit it over nails and paint nail through glue and place the feather then coat it again with glue layer. Try with cuticle scissors for trimming parts of feather.

Draw rather than paint

Done with tools? then try out drawing easy designs using old sharpie. Coat a layer and put the pattern or picture over and complete it.

Try stencils

Try creating own stamps through carving shapes from pencil erasers. There are top 10 diy nail arts making it easier for designing your nails depending on your skills and creative mind.

French Manicure

When you have special stickers like ring reinforcement stickers, they can now be used for high quality French manicure. Now, you need to put stickers at exactly the point where you want the line to start on your nails. Thereafter you need to start painting. This procedure works even better than tape as here you can expect rounded line as against dead straight line.

Try tiny polka dots

Tiny holes in band aids are for the purpose of letting your skin breathe, but here we?ll be using at as a tool for top 10 DIY nail arts. Paste band aid over nail and paint it, after it is dried up peel it and adore your nail art.

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