Top 10 common Applications of Google Play Store and Apple App Store

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Top 10 common Applications of Google Play Store

Which mobile application is trending and offers a great experience to people? Which Google Play Store application diverts the mind of people? What all applications of the iOS app store are more downloaded?

These questions have been researched by Google for the Android Play Store and Apple for the iOS App Store. Here are top 10 common applications of Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What The Forecast?!!

The weather application fetches data relevantly and explains the situation in layman terms in a bit sassy touch.


This application is interesting and controversial all along as it transforms the facial part of the image with the help of artificial intelligence. It can alter the frowning face to a smiling one and even change the gender showing the controversial side.

LastPass Password Manager

An application that works as a password manager to store the login credentials safely. It also generates tricky passwords to be used on accounts and it is accessed through a master password. It can be used through mobile, tablets, desktop or any other device as it has the support of cross-platform. It is a friendly and secure application.


Customized and powerful keyboards available that are freely downloaded along with appropriate themes you want. It avails features like multi-lingual, gesture typing, cross-device sync, and many other features. This keyboard application is phenomenally great.


An amazing and interactive application amongst the top 10 common applications of Google Play Store and Apple App Store, that dictates story in the way that engages the mind of the reader as it is done through text messages series.


An application accessed as to follow a to-do list, covering reminders, notifications, recurring tasks, and other organizational categories. This application allows you to share the task and other categories with colleagues and mates. It is a great source for family tasks, teamwork, and other group chores.


The varied options like ringtones, wallpapers, and tones to customize the basic look n feel of mobile devices. It offers the best ringtones, wallpapers and other features like no other apps on the Play store and App Store does.


It creates customized commands that are used in varied places and many applications have the support of this application. It can carry out many chores that it is difficult to analyze. IFTTT is another great application, might be considered as better than this application in some cases.

Pocket Casts

The most preferable podcasts application choice of podcasts lovers is Podcasts Casts. It offers good look n feel and features of downloading or streaming podcasts for enjoyment in leisure time. It involves video and audio podcast to enjoy anything as per your requirements. It provides decent features and light and dark theme to enhance the look of the application.?


Undoubtedly, this is the most reliable source to get the updated forecast of weather around. It is simple in design and forecasts up to radar and for 12 weeks duration. It offers customizable widgets that offer severe notifications of weather and radar to analyze the storm approaching like circumstances.

These top 10 common applications of Google Play Store and Apple App Store are the most helpful sources in this tech-savvy world. Do you find yourself up-to-date? Then recall your knowledge, with us?

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