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Top 10 beauty products in trend: The task of remaining updated with the greatest and latest trends in beauty is getting more and more difficult nowadays. This is the reason why we are here to help you with our trustworthy algorithm and detailed research conducted in the field.

This year has got some amazing things for you in the store that will surely replace the old stuff in your beauty wardrobe. Our algorithm driven by data is used for this purpose in which selection is based on the factors such as editorial selections in beauty products, buzz of the bestselling and reviews from the users.

On these bases, we compile the list of top 10 beauty products in trend that you will try to grab without any fail. These latest products covering the range from concealer perfect for all skin tones to new line of makeup that are must buy. Go through the list and select the product that can best match with your needs.

Top 10 beauty products in trend

1. A+ high dose retinol serum from Sunday Riley:

Action: It is contains retinol blend’s 6.5 % solution. This serum is highly powerful and fights against dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines, uneven texture, acne, and dullness. So basically it serves as a single solution for number of problems.

A+ high dose retinol serum from Sunday Riley
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Useful tip: It is better to give it a slow start in case you are new with retinol. You can begin the use of this product two nights per week. Slowly you can make the use every alternate night and then this could be used every night as well.

  • It is made with CoQ10, retinol ester and Hawaiian white honey
  • It is free from cruelty

2. Microneedling dark spots brightening dots from peach out:

Recommended for: It is best for problems such as red spots, dark spots, uneven texture of skin and dullness

Action: The use of innovative technology of microneedling is there in making these unique dots of treatment. Results are delivered by these in the span of just half taken by traditional treatments of hyperpigmentation. The reason behind this action is the deep penetrating effect of the product having great effect on the skin.

    • It is made up of licorice extract, niacinamide, and tranexamic acid
    • Free from cruelty
    • It is free from formaldehyde, sulfates, and parabens

3. Pro filter instant retouch concealer from Fenty Beauty:

Adorned for: Its formula that is cheese-free but creamy

Interesting fact: There are 50 shades in which this full coverage, long-wearing concealer is available. It corresponds to Pro Filter foundation that is the bests selling one of Fenty.

  • It is cruelty-free
  • Free from phthalates and parabens
  • It is crease-proof

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4. R+R mask from Summer Fridays:

Recommended for: Dry skin can get great benefits from this pick me up product

Customer review: This product is just wow. I have used this for the first time and the feeling on my skin is wonderfully smooth. This happy and hydrated feeling on my skin is like never before after using a mask.

R+R mask from Summer Fridays

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  • This mask is infused with serum
  • It is free from cruelty
  • It is formulated with oils, vitamin C and powder of rose flower

5. Watermelon glow ultra-fine mist from Glow Recipe:

Action: The skin receives instant hydration from this lightweight mist. Without making the face wet and drippy, it also helps in refreshing the makeup.

Interesting fact: Watermelon is present in 84% of its formula. This helps in hydrating and soothing the irritated skin by offering amino acids and essential vitamins to it.

  • It is made with hyaluronic acid, watermelon and hibiscus flower
  • Free from cruelty
  • It is free from sulfates, parabens and synthetic fragrances

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6. Play the playground from Glossier:

Brand introduction: Glossier’s brand that is trendy favorite has Glossier Play as its derivative serving as its extravagant little sis. Incorporation of fun, texture and color in the look is made wonderfully easy by the brand. This is true even for someone who is beginner in makeup.

Why it is required: Every product in this set of ultra-fun is from new line. A lip lacquer that is shiny and bold, an astonishing hue in creamy liner, a highlighter of high impact, a glitter gel that is mood boosting and two specific tools makes its application very easy.

  • 6 products are included in it

7. A-Passioni retinol cream from Drunk Elephant:

Recommended for: It is made up of the ingredients that are rich in superfood and vegan retinol. For complexions that are sensitive, this is one of the beauty products that serves to be a perfect solution.

Customer review: I am using this product since 3 weeks only and the effect on my skin are wonderful. It is clearer, smoother and is easing up my fine lines slowly. My skin now looks more glowing and I truly love the product.

A-Passioni? retinol cream from Drunk Elephant

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  • It is cruelty free
  • It is made with blend of triple peptide, retinol and vitamin D

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8. Hills dipbrow gel from Anastasia:

Adorned for: It comes with formula that is waterproof and serves to be major reason behind its popularity

Interesting fact: This brand understands that fact that eyebrows are not black, brown or blonde always. This is the reason why there are unique 11 shades in which this enduring gel for brows is available. So rejoice with your favorite shades.

  • It is cruelty free
  • It is paraben free

9. Fetisheyes mascara from Pat McGrath Labs:

Adorned for: it offers dramatic lashes almost instantly

Interesting fact: Debut has been made by this mascara that is inky-black on a running show


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  • It is made with conditioning peptides

10. Benefit cosmetics liquid eyeliner from Roller Liner:

Action: A unique tip of precision felt is featured in this liquid liner that makes it stand in list of beauty products. Without any smudging, tugging, flaking or fading, it allows thickest and thinnest lines

Customer review: This eyeliner is truly wonderful. Ir goes really smooth and make perfect lines.

  • Precision-tip
  • Matte

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