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Top 10 Applications offered by App store:- Smartphones these days require huge investment and when it comes to Apple?s iPhone it?s damn true as it is the most popular and costly comparatively. iPhone being overpriced offers some out of the world features that are mesmerizing and effective in day-to-day life. Be it dating, fitness, entertainment, security or commercial, App store is capable of anything and everything these days. iPhone?s App Store is full of best applications delivered free of cost without any premium or subscriptions. Here are some cream layer of apps that makes our life easy and amazing.

Top 10 Applications offered by App store

1 Google Trips

google trip

An interesting application offered by iPhone for travel freaks. Google Trips is the travel partner for its users offering assistant all at one place as itineraries, reservations of flight, hotel or car bookings available through an application. This app then amplifies and recommends the suggestions as your taste and choice of things. iPhone users can save trip details offline without prior need of wi-fi or costly roaming networks with one of this top 10 applications of the app store.

2 Quik Video application

Video application, Quik offers awesome and editor features and Go Pro version of video editing free of cost. One can include 200 above photo or short clips in one go and it smartly offers highlight features. Visual and text effects and eye catchy features can be added on. This app provides the convenience of 80 songs and even own song can be synched and added with video, giving it lively feel. Video can be saved in high resolutions of 720p or 1080p.

3 Housecraft application for furniture

It is for those seeking for renovating their place. Housecraft is a creative and cool application for getting in new furniture or houseplants at your home. It provides a 3D model of stuff from a different angle giving you a virtual look and imagination of your home.

4 Facetune 2

An application for photogenic peeps, Facetune 2 i.e. a freemium photo app. It comes up with great innovative features like smooth, blemish-free skin, teeth brightening, shadows and glares. It is a magical camera that offers lively shots and filters and furthermore features are available through subscription.

5 Any Do

any do

Some task gets out of mind or gets skipped due to hectic schedules followed by people these days. An application that keeps track of tasks and reminders and holds the ability to share out work task with someone else. It is a well-synched application that helps you every minute updated by synching up the desktop, mobile phone, and web. It provides voice features to add a task verbally and Calendar for more better list upgradation.

6 Venmo payment gateway

A payment gateway or application offered by PayPal for accessibly sharing payments amongst one another. Pay through Venmo to anyone and anywhere by linking your bank details and card at any moment of time. This application has highly encrypted data offering the security of your financial information.


Done with boring and repetitive tasks on the internet and try out this pioneering application that helps you customize the applets and tasks in a particular structure. It keeps the track of your interest and accordingly results in you with updates. For instance the updates of your favorite team or trending recipes of a chef you follow.

8 Google Translate application

This is another member of the top 10 applications list. It is a language translation that helps in converting sentences and phrases in other languages. We can select a language and type or dictate a message to be translated. It adds visual signs translation and textual effects with the help of camera or freehand vocal translations. It does amazing updates like offering translated text and synthesizing audio messages.

9 SnapSeed

It is an innovative photo-edit application that is a complete package of features including transformation and filters. It offers crop, tunning of the image, rotating and other features to get an awesome picture. It works along with RAW and JPG files. All these features make it stand among the top 10 applications of the app store.

10 RunKeeper

It is an amazing fitness application that enhances your running capacity while accessing GPS of a phone and track cycling, running and hiking and all other such activities. It keeps a record of distance, exercise time, calories updated, and all other metrics. It helps in syncing your progress and tracks activity.

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