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Antivirus Software

PC needs to be highly secured as malicious users and ransomware encrypting is being so common these days. PC and Mac need to be protected by antivirus software.

Windows come up with built-in antivirus software i.e. Windows Defender that is safe but not robust and protection rate is also low comparatively. ?Here are the top 10 antivirus software that keeps you updated and protected from all the threats:

ESET NOD32 2018

This antivirus software does not have a password manager, vulnerability scanner, firewall or other extra features rather it is focused towards antivirus fundamentals.

It comes with a layer of anti-ransomware, real-time protection from malware, and blocking malicious sites by URL filtering.


It focuses on the security an essential that is accurate antivirus engine detects and prevent from threats, reverse action of malicious activity.

It has a good interface with an appropriate number of functions and buttons. It reliable source that offers consistent protection from malware.


The real-time based malware detection, URL filtering that blocks harmful websites. This antivirus software is a complete package that is expected in the best antivirus.

It detects what all running on PC and stops the undiscovered and hidden malware. The virtual keyboard is effective in entering the confidential data and without halting keyloggers.


It is claimed to be the lightweight and installation does not take much of time. There are not any bulky updates of signature to tie bandwidth.

It works on core protection like appropriate real-time anti-phishing, monitoring network connection, improved anti-ransomware, and many other features.


SAFE is the package of anti-virus software and is found to be expensive than other antivirus software amongst the top 10 antivirus software. The features are worth the cost splurged on.

It offers banking features for protection from online frauds, family safety tools and locate device, remotely locks it and can delete it too.


It is reliable and accurate anti-virus that blocks access to malicious sites. The secure browser is the reliable choice that keeps financial transactions secure and offers password manager service that completes card details on the form.

It aids with great benefits like good performance, high detection rate and causes issues too like it grabs many resources and may lead to conflicts with programs.

Trend Micro

It is a capable antivirus package that is effective on average antispam and offers Folder Shield to stop ransomware. It is a good choice for protection and as stated by AV-Test reports, it is highly accurate without any false positive issue.


This is the finest malware detector that protects PC. It offers many options and settings making it the best of all top 10 antivirus software.

URL blocker protects from malicious websites if it detects malware it gets to find out intelligent behavior kills it at the initial point of trouble.


It is the leading antivirus software that is responsible for cybersecurity. It creates consumer and business solution that work towards making this world a safer place.

It organizes a highly protected, truly integrated cyber environment by securing the digital lifestyle.

Quick Heal

It is a high-security antivirus software that is designed to provide ease to IT security across many platforms. They are designed to suit small businesses, consumers and corporate house.

This is the antivirus that focuses on network and computer security.

It corporate in preventing malicious attack and traffic and enable solutions accordingly to stop before it harms and it reduces usage of system resources.

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