Five very easy tips for prevent hair fall

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Five very easy tips to prevent hair fall.

You wonder why hairs are falling in every season, feeling frustrated and depressed. Here you can check what is possibly going wrong with your hair. We all know that hairs need constant care and protection. Here are some factors that might help you with soft, shiny, silky, and thick hairs.

Five very easy tips to prevent hair fall.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is prime reason of scalp dryness and dandruff, which results in hair fall and also halts hair growth. Yes, drinking 2-3 liters of water daily is super easy remedy for many diseases and equally important for the hair growth.

Water has all essential vitamins to strengthen the hair strand. Proper hydration protects hair from splits and brittle. Even including liquid in diet like juice and coconut water which are medicine for weak hair.

Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

Eat healthy and live healthy is fundamental formula for healthy and fit life. Eating healthy food is remedy for healthy life not only for hair. Here is list of food you should prefer for healthy growing hair.

  • Vitamin C improves blood circulation and increases hair growth. To intake vitamin C eat citrus fruits, kiwi, currants and rose hips.
  • Vitamin A regenerate cells and slow down the aging process. Eggs, cottage cheese, milk are resources of vitamin A.
  • Vitamin E protects from dangerous UV rays. Nuts, seeds, vegetables and vegetable oils will help to improve vitamin E in the body.
  • Vitamin B for elasticity, hair shine also improves hair growth.
  • Omega 3 which strengthen the immune system and decrease the aging process. For this consume flaxseed, avocado, seafood, walnuts.
  • Selenium and Zinc protect you from the harmful effects of the environment.

Hair Cleansing

It’s essential to clean up scalp properly. Pollution is the biggest reason of untidy hair. Dirt and grease can be the reason of hair fall. You should not build up grease on the scalp. Massage scalp at least 4-5 minutes before hair wash and then gently wash hair with mild shampoo.

How to apply shampoo – Don’t apply shampoo directly because it can be harmful for hair roots. Take a little amount of shampoo in palm and apply on the scalp with fingers massage then clean it with warm or lukewarm water.

Apply hair conditioner gently roots to ends after washing hair, leave it and rinse it with Lukewarm water after 5-10 minutes. Dry your hair with the soft towel very softly.

You can also use a blow dryer for dry hair but using blow dryer needs precautions like always hold blow dryer 6-7 inches apart from scalp. Don’t dry hair at high temperature. It may damage hair strands.


Which oil is better for hairs Different of hair needs different nourishment. Oiling means moisturizing, nourishing your hair which also keeps hair soften. Chemical-free oils or natural oils are best for hairs. List of oils which makes hair healthier and happier.

Avocado oil

Coconut oil

Argan Oil

Jojoba Oil

Olive Oil

Take a few drops of oil on your fingertips and apply roots gently to end on hairs.

Apply Hair Mask

Hair mask is very helpful in hair growth as well as in hair length. There so many hair masks you could purchase from the market but if you care about you hairs, stick with natural hair masks.

Aloe vera and coconut oil hair mask is very easy to prepare and apply. Cut and extract aloe vera from the plant, mix coconut oil and aloe vera pulp nicely. Now, this is ready, apply it for at least 45- 60 minutes and rinse it properly. It can save your hair from damage and hair fall.


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