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T Shirts have been ruling the list of trendy wears since ages. Gone are the days when one pieces use to be the only dress for the women globally. With the introduction of skirts and jeans and other bottom wears, T Shirts have got an opportunity to make a place in this list. T Shirts can be of various types. Some women love to wear different types of T Shirts matching to their bottoms.

Blouse T Shirt ?

Blouse T Shirt has been one of the favorite attires of the Fashion Designers. They can be paired with a skin fit jeans. They look almost perfect with minimum accessories like a watch or a bracelet. They generally have ? sleeves and have gathers or plates on it back. This gives the best fit to the women wearing it. You can wear them with skin fit jeans. They too require minimum accessories and can be worn with flat bellies or heels, whichever suits you.

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Crop T Shirts ?

If you are an owner of beautiful and toned belly, then these T Shirts are perfect for you. They make your middle part look good and highlight it. If you are of a thin body frame, then this T Shirt can be the one for your fashion update. They generally have shorter sleeves. Bu can find them with balloon sleeves as well. They are a perfect match with a skin fit jeans or trouser and a pair of funky sneakers.

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Tube T Shirts ?


Do you wish to flaunt your sexy and worked out shoulders? Then tube T Shirts will be the best option for you. This can prove to be the new latest trend which is a must in every woman?s wardrobe. These T Shirts have the high quality elasticized neck line which stays firm at a place. You can pair them with medium sized r short skirts, palazzos, medium waist fitted jeans or even a cool bell bottom. They can be paired up with cool sneakers, pumps or heels according to the season.

Tunic T Shirts ?

If you are a new mommy or having a bulging tummy, then this T Shirt is just for you. This attire comes in a high low waist pattern and has a over lapping V neck. You can look super toned in this T Shirt. These go very well with tapered or skin fit jeans. You can also try wearing it with a legging or a jagging.

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Peplum ?

These uber cool T Shirts are a big hit among the fashion fiestas. Peplum T Shirts are elasticized below the bust hiding the bulging belly under. They are two in one garment which can hide the belly as well as give you a stylish look. They can be worn with ripped jeans, trousers or shorts. You can try wearing boots or pumps with it for a classy look.

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Tank T Shirts ?

Tank T Shirt is one of the first and trendiest choices for the fashion crazy people. These are sleeve less garments majorly with a round neck. You could look super cool I this if you have a lean body type or properly toned arms. You can pair them with minimal accessory like watch and a neck chain with pendant. For footwear go with high boots or sneakers or a pair of flat bellies will do wonder.

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Kaftan ?

Kaftan is a robe sort of attire and one of the biggest hit for the summer fashion. You can look cool and sassy at the same time on wearing this T Shirt. You can wear this at a beach party or any other day outing. The best bottoms to match with kaftan are the shorts, trousers or skirts.

Maxi T Shirts ?

Now this has been a new entrant in the list of trendy T Shirts. These are basically floor length T Shirts with long slits on both the sides. They have been a part of various fashion shows till now. You can wear them with hot pants to add to its style. Many Hollywood celebrities love to wear these T Shirts with sneakers and pumps.

Wrap T Shirts ?

Wrap T Shirts are one of the favorites flaunted by the celebrities. They have been in fashion trends since some time now. They are one of the favorites of the T Shirt designers as it gives a superb fitting and gives a shape of V neck due to its over lapping pattern. It can be a good option for a casual outing out any lunch or brunch date with friends. They look good when paired with stylish sneakers or pumps.

Factors to be considered while choosing a trendy T Shirt for you!


Pattern ?

You must have seen so many patterns in the market. So when you are out on a shopping for a perfect T Shirt for you, consider which pattern shall suit your body type and bottoms if you have decided first.

Fitting ?

The first and foremost factor is the fitting of the garment. Make sure whichever T Shirt you purchase is best fitted on your body structure.

Brand ?

Purchasing a branded T Shirt will of course guarantee you good and long lasting fabric and colors. So it is advisable to go for reliable brands and their high quality apparels.

These were some details on the trendy T Shirts that are rulingthe fashion charts this season. You can also go for Couple T shirts to flaunt in front of your friends. Make sure you have checked the fittings in advance. It is not recommended to go for super expensive apparels only as they can guarantee you high quality. The first reference should be given to the fitting and the texture of the fabric. Happy shopping!

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