Top 10 ways to secure a smartphone

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Top 10 ways to secure a smartphone

Having an anti-virus is not the only protective layer in smartphone and is not likely to be secured. Mobile phones are prone to be unsafe from varied features, like:

Block list of undesirable calls

Encryption functionality

Data protection and security measures

Backup feature

Restriction of snoopy applications

Google?s Play Store is the phenomenal operating system assuring full security of mobile phone and helps in meeting the challenges by offering top?10 ways to secure a smartphone through?reliable applications of android play store.

It has abundant options with free applications and it might seem to be tough to choose out one meeting all expectations. Therefore, in order to meet out your prospects here is a short list of security applications that is helpful in protecting your smartphone

1 RedPhone

A free source for calling that offers encryption from end-to-end source of private calls, thereby securing conversations on call so that no one can peek and listen in. Its purpose is that it is used with ease and it uses standard contact number for calls so as any other identifiable is not needed.

2 Snap Secure

An application that secures and backs up data automatically to an online account in order to access, restore and transfer data over new device. It offers anti-virus security, and scans application for protection from malware.

It involves feature of call-blocking that helps you block unknown numbered calls, you can block emails from unwanted address and also you can block unwanted messages.

3 App Lock

It is used to secure personal data from being accessed by others. You can protect SMS, Gallery, Facebook, Whatsapp and almost any other applications, you want to keep secured from outsiders.

AppLock offers security of overall phone data and features unlikely to smartphone in-built lock feature that put locks on phone not on any other applications.

4 BullGuard

An online account is offered to access smartphone remotely with security manager operates with GPS of your mobile device. In case you lost your mobile, it can be remotely locked and wiped off.?It is one amongst top?10 ways to secure a smartphone that protects your mobile by involving anti-virus, backup and restore facility, spam filter and SIM protection.

5 Kaspersky

It offers features majorly for Windows and Symbian mobile devices. Features like anti-virus, anti-theft, privacy measures, firewall protection, data encryption and may others. The feature of phone tracking provides you geographical details of your device on map and also its coordinates.

6 Norton

It is the reliable anti-virus provider and offered with android devices. It offers privacy from viruses, phishing, and other unauthorized access. In case you lost your device, it can be located, wipe off data and remotely, lock it.

At times of browsing web, it protects you with privacy guard. It will detect and remove the threat from your device. The applications are scanned in order to be sure about malicious data. It allows the feature of call and message blocking.

7 GadgetTrak

An application availed to protect iOS devices not only from theft, it also takes a snap of thief. It provides coordinates of device. You can even lock the settings so that thief is unable to change any not even delete any applications involving GadgetTrack.

8 K-9 Mail

Emails hold sensitive data about professional and personal data. It meets prospect by offering a secure encryption of emails. It is open source software of Android offering email encryption and allowing sending and receiving mails securely transfer mails through Android Privacy Guard in order to encrypt content.

9 App Opps

This is the application to allow blocking permission of an application. It avail the feature of blocking application that have nothing to do with functioning of applications. At time of installing application you are asked for permission to allow access to be installed.

10 Crypt4All Lite

A well-known amongst top 10 ways to secure a smartphone device encryption source that allows you to encrypt or decrypt files within 256 bits limit with AES algorithm. It was designed for data security and data privacy, it encrypts sensitive files and then moves it to cloud storage.

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