Top 10 leading smartphone brands in the world!

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leading smartphone brands

leading smartphone brands

Are you keen to know about the top 10 Smartphone brands in the world? If yes then Products Gram is here to offer you the most reliable information on few leading brands. Have a look to decide which one you would like to go for.


With the share of 21% in the smartphone market, the leading position in the market of smartphones worldwide is retained by Samsung. In middle of the recall of Galaxy Note 7 comes this position retention. Further, the persistent success of Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 devices add to the achievement.


In both the markets that are developed as well as emerging, great performance has been shown by new iPhone SE. The success trail is continued by iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 that is the newest device launched by Apple.


In the share of global smartphone, the third position has been maintained by Huawei, the Chinese tech company. The high-end and mid-range smartphones of the company are majorly responsible for these improved sales. 57.2% of the smartphone batches of the company are accounted by these segments together.


OPPO has managed this position ever since it has ejected Lenovo on 4thspot in 2016. In the market of smartphone, it has the share of 7.1% with its major market booming in China. It is also gaining success with the help of aggressive marketing in the Asian markets.


Vivo ejected Xiaomi and came at the 5th?position. It the market of smartphone spread globally, it has 5.9% share. The key market where smartphones of Vivo are high in demand is in China like Oppo. The top selling smartphone in the product list of the company is Vivo X6. Vivo is yet another leading brand among top 10 smartphone brands in the world.


The leading smartphones of OnePlus have become increasingly popular for their worth for money features. The ideology is followed by OnePlus3 as well and came up with Snapdragon 820 mainframe and 6GB RAM. The successor to OnePlus has also been launched by the company that comes with improved specifications and higher price.


The year 2016 proved to be the comeback year for smartphones of Xiaomi in the Indian market of smartphones and is maintaining the position since then. In India, Redmi Note3, the product of the company has gained great numbers in sales.


It serves as another leading brand of smartphones attracting large number of users. With latest apps and new improved features, this brand is picking up huge market.


With wide screen, great light, speed and latest features, Honor comes as another name in the list. The different models of this smartphone are best suited for different requirements of people. One can select the desired model as per the specifications and features required.


The unique features and better sound quality makes Blackberry stand out from the rest. Those who start their smartphone journey with blackberry hardly think about other brands.

These are the top 10 brands of Smartphone that are showing great performance in the global market of smartphones. People are fond of these brands on account of their great features that serve value for the investment done. These smartphones brands are coming with all the more advanced and latest technologies that are attracting the tech lovers and increasing sales of their products in remarkable manner.

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