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Dressing for men takes as much efforts as women. Even men require a decent sense of dressing with the correct type of fashion, colour and fabric. Also, the personal comfort level is also important along with the fashion trends to boost confidence and self esteem.

Earlier, men restricted themselves to plain white and black. They did not foray into the patterns or even change of colour. It is in their old age that most men realized that they should have experimented with their looks to stay unique.

Latest stylish fashion dressing tips

Variations are possible with different styles of shirt. Shirts need not be the same design, colour or pattern. Different kind of combinations can be made according to the requirement of the occasion. trend and fashion. Men?s fashion is concerned with the collar style, placement of buttons and pockets. Here, there is scope to make changes in the tailor-made shirts and bring in more creativity and innovation than the branded readymade shirts.

The overall attire:

Along with shirts, importance must be given to pants and suiting also so that they all blend well with the shirt. Also, the final presentation of the clothing in terms of freshly ironed shirt, impeccable crease of pants and perfect fitting of the coat adds a multiple time to the perception of the onlooker about the person.

shirt and pant combo for men

If you wish to be trendy and fashionable you should have a right sense of matching colours. While light colours throw perception of softness and vibrant colours make you look bold. However, bad combination of colours not only makes you look awkward but also makes you the talk of the town. Hence colour of shirt, suiting?s and tie must be chosen according to the season, occasion and one?s personality.

The color combination:

While light coloured tie goes well with a black shirt and white shirt has the flexibility of any colour of tie. Most fashionable shades include brown, slate blue, indigo blue, black, white and pale blue. These colours are easy to handle and go with many other colours. Like for instance, a light brown shirt goes well with a dark brown tie and grey shirts look amazing with the blue tie.

color combination for men

While you might want to look different and unique, you must be able to choose the right colours. There are many colour combinations which make you look funny. Purple shirt with a red tie looks bad. Similarly, dark blue with purple looks bad, white with cream will also make you look abnormal. Also start choosing base colours and choose a good contrast with them. Be updated with the latest fashion trends through fashion blogs.

Fashion for bulky men

Fashion for bulky men

Not all are blessed with great body structure. Many men are overweight and wear loose baggy clothes to hide their stomach. While these loose clothing make them look even heavier and obese.

Colour is an important feature which makes you look slimmer or heavier. Heavy people should avoid stripes and light colours. Instead they should go for dark colours like black, greys and dark blues which make them look slimmer. Also take care your suit jacket and shirts are similar. Contrast colours attract attention towards you and make you appear bulky.

The perfect style:

Another important point while purchasing suit jacket is that heavy mean should go for two button suit jackets especially in dark colours. This is because dark colours make you look slimmer and a two-button suit gives a streamlined look making waist and stomach look tapered and slim. Also, jacket must not be loose and not too tight also. It must be comfortable and just right.

The perfect style

While many different kinds or prints may be in fashion for men, but heavy weight men must avoid large patterns as it makes you look bulkier. The same is true in case of buttons, zippers and fasteners. Avoid shiny glossy looking clothes. People with plump and round face must avoid turtle necks which add to the already bulky neck. Instead V neck t shirts are best options to make neck look slimmer.

These simple rules will make round men look a bit slimmer, smart and handsome.

Fashion for slim men

Just like the rules for heavy men, skinny men also have issues regarding dressing and certain rules are important for them as well. Though building artificial muscles is not possible, following certain fashion tips will make them look a bit bulkier.

Fashion for slim men

Do remember one important rule of not to buy loose and baggy clothing. This will make you look ill fit and eve skinnier. Choose well fitted pants which are not slim and non-tapered. They can opt for leather pants which will make them look smart and healthy. Tight fit bottom wear will make onlookers attract attention to the lower half. Try to avoid boot cut legs jeans or flared legs bottom wear.

When we talk about jackets, skinny people should choose single breasted jackets with small shoulder pads which add muscular look to them, while large shoulder pads will make these pads more evident and worse.

Stripes work well:

Stripes work well

Skinny men can easily use stripes. These must be thin and close together. Both vertical and horizontal styles are available as option. Choose a good fitted shirt along with the suit. One biggest advantage with the skinny men is they can choose any colour they wish. They can go for more trendy and fashionable colours. They can play with contrasts like light jackets with dark shirt will make you look heavier. Silky, rayon and stain fabrics can be chosen as they give a bulkier look. You must have a good sense of matching fabric, colour and style to suit your personality.

Dressing up becomes an enjoyable task if you are aware of your body structure and few fashion tips which need to be followed. Everyone has the scope of looking smart and handsome by staying updated with the fashion trends for men for all seasons. So, boost your self esteem and confidence with these fashion tips and be the centre of attraction of all gatherings.



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