Latest ladies fashion and style tips that are must follow

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Every woman wants to look attractive and fashionable. With this desire in mind, she takes care of her skin, skin tone, body shape and chooses the best accessories according to the size of her pocket. But not all women are blessed with the perfect shape and complexion. Hence, blindly imitating the celebrities or the models on the ramp might leave you looking funny and talk of the town. Every woman should select clothes and accessories keeping in mind one?s body shape, complexion, face structure, gathering and many other factors. Here are few things one should consider before styling yourself:

Latest ladies fashion and style tips that are must follow

Body structure

Height of the person is an important factor one should consider before choosing the clothing. Women who are short in height should avoid plump clothes and small and bright prints. They should op for good fitting clothes and cool fabrics, slim belts with contrasting colours and texture. Prefer clothing straight from top to bottom instead of partitioning the body in half to stay in fashion.

However, women heavy on top should choose attractive bottom wear like short and vibrant skirts and trousers. These should be eye catching distracting from the top half of the body. Try to avoid tops which are attracting and choose long jackets for trendy winter wear. They can also choose single block colour which gives a slim look. Also, tops which are dark in colour and not skin fit looks good and fashionable.


Women with pear shape can go for vertical lines, v necks and skirts with slits. If you want a fashionable dress you can go for straight A line dresses. If you are looking for something in women?s fashion then a top coming down the waist with dark coloured skirt and shoes. For accessories you can go for Y shapes or V shaped necklace.

When we talk about fashion dressing for tall women, then you should keep in mind that they should avoid tight clothes. In case of shirt, the length should be just right and not too short or too long. Tall women should choose fashion clothing which gets partitioned into two to make their height look a little less.

Women with rectangular structure should prefer knit sweaters with skirts when choosing a trendy winter wear. ?You can round the neckline with some round attractive and glittering necklace or an attractive scarf.


Different people have different personalities. Some may have great body structure but they are not used to wearing exposing fashionable clothing. Personality is the way we carry ourselves, way of talking and walking and presenting our clothes. Here are a few kinds of personalities and the dressing tips they need to keep in mind:

Tom boy: Use some funky accessories but remember to keep the feminine look.

City fashion: Choose from some great fashion collection down the street but maintain the sombre look.

Sporty outlook: Wear casual clothes but of good quality and something in trend.

Artistic look

Artistic look: Use modern fashion with customisation to add a dash of fashion and exclusiveness.

Sensual look: Choose some sexy outfit according to your body shape and bright colours. Add with some sensuous scent.

Retro look: Choose some antique accessories with some fashionable dresses giving a fusion look.


Accessories are something which fills in the incomplete look. It helps you to make simple clothing attractive and meaningful. Good set of accessories helps you to boost your personality and compliments your appearance. Different kind of accessories serves different purposes just like the following:

V shapes and Y shaped chains and necklaces draw the attention down.

Round necklaces fill the neckline.

Extra-long earrings make your neck look long.Long belts make legs look long

Long belts make legs look long.

A hat with perfect outfit completes your look.

Good scarves give an artistic look.

Great matching jewellery completes your look.


Make-up is an important part which gives finishing to the look we desire. Choosing the right kind of make-up is also a task which requires considerable thought. Select the makeup according to the occasion and the look you want to give away.

I you want your eyes to look bright and attractive then use a contrasting eye shadow.

By highlighting down the middle of the lid, make eyes look wide and open.

If you wish to have a dramatic look then use black colour.

For smoky eyes use grey colour along with pink lipstick.classic look then go for red lipstick

If you desire a classic look then go for red lipstick.

Always choose contrasting colours for eyes and lips. With bold eyes use pale coloured lipstick while if you.

Try and us the colour palettes given by manufacturers and blend the colours well.

Fashion statement- Bag

Bag is one such accessory which is a great requirement along with a wonderful accessory to make a fashion statement. Different occasions require different types of bag. Women require bag to keep some basic requirements when out of the house. You can either choose a sling bag which makes it convenient during travel. It can be used for office and to hangout on informal occasions.

Fashion statement- Bag

You can select a trendy clutch bag for evening parties and formal gatherings. Alternatively, you can also choose shoulder bags with a chain strap to add elegance to your look. Colours for the bag can be chosen according to the season and trend. Leather bag are all time favourites and suit most of the occasions.

?Dress up according to the season:

Different seasons call for different kinds of looks. Like the Spring and summer seasons calls for lower cut, soft and comfort fabrics with bright colours. With these, you can match bronze and shimmery make-up. On the other hand, autumn and winter asks for natural colours and fabrics, beautiful knitwear, leather, cotton and linen wear. With such clothes you can use matte make-up with darker tones. Always keep yourself update with the latest fashion for women and the popular trendy clothes. You can stay in fashion with some great winter wear which come on vogue.


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