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Latest Handbag: Bags have been one of the most fashionable accessories in the last few years. And guess what? It has managed to make its position in the current fashion trends as well. Bags can be classified into various types. It completes the overall look of a person. Latest Handbag


Be it celebs or Top Fashion Designers?or any other personality, one thing that you will definitely spot in their look is a trendy Latest Handbag. Royal ladies love to don stone-studded clutches and Latest Handbags. We have come up with a list of latest bags which have ruled the charts this year.

Latest handbags fashion trends:

Latest Handbag Fashion Trends


Being oneof the basic necessities in a fashionable era, handbags have ruled the numberone position this year. You can find this with every girls and lady. You canuse it to carry for daily essentials.

Hobo Bags


These are made up of softer materials and have a slouchy shape. Its crescent shape, when carried on the shoulder, has been talk of the town. This is best for casual outings. Tote Bags ? These are the rectangle-shaped bags made up of leather or canvas. It has made its mark in the latest fashion and must-haves for girls. It has enough space to accommodate all the essentials for a woman.

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Duffle Bags

Duffle bags have been in trend this season. They have been one of the favorites with their top zipper and round size.

Messenger Bags

The messenger bags go very well with all the casual outfits. It has been a part of almost all the fashion shows. Also known as a courier bag, this has ruled the top positions in the latest fashion trend charts


Being too formal initially, backpacks have undergone a drastic transformation in the last few years. It has gone from a long way from being of basic colors to now being in all shapes. You can match this accessory with any types of dress and look super trendy.


They have been in trend due to their low hung down and long straps. They have been one of the most favorites of the celebs in Hollywood.

Laptop Bags

Well, not to forget laptop bags and sachets have also undergone major makeover last year. Being working women you can flaunt your awesome and trendy laptop bags matching to your dress. Moreover, you can also change your laptop cover according to your mood or matching your dress

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags have been in trend since last year. Due to its uber bucket style look, it has become the latest fashion for women accessory of the hippy fashion. This bag can be spotted in many fashion shows this year paired up with some cool beach wears.

Bowler bags

These are the medium-sized and semi-circular bags. They have been one of the favorite matchings with the formal and new fashion dress. This is a unisex bag and was flaunted by many men as well.


These are small bags. They come up with a short string just like bracelets. You can wear it in your hand just like a bracelet.


Since the medieval trend is making a comeback in a uber style, so why not pouches. The pouch has been one of the favorite medieval handbags donned by women. Easy to carry and wow to flaunt, this bag has definitely turned heads in the last fashion shows. There is another type in this category that is flat pouch. These are small squared pouches again easy to wear on hands.


These bags have made a comeback after two decades. Earlier these bags were in trend due to their versatility and comfort. They are easy to hang in a criss-cross manner.

Mini audiere

It is not just a bag but a jewelry case. You can either hold it in your hand like an object or can hang it with its glittery strap. They have been one of the favorites of many celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie.

Drawstring Bags

They are just like a bag pack but in a drawstring pattern. You can use them during traveling. They are a great fashion accessory in new fashion trends. They were also a part of some fashion shows last year.

Tips for purchasing a trendy handbag as per fashion trends

Go with Basics

If you are a new entrant in this styling domain, then you should definitely read this one. It is very important to tick to basics while purchasing an apt clutch bag. Go for more neutral colors like black or tan shades for daytime work. Similarly, go for dark colors during the night. Blue Mail has a good range of basic color tones.


Of course, this is the most important one. Make sure you have set a budget for your clutch bags. Trust me you can get super tempted by looking at various options. So to avoid overspending, it is best to have a pre-decided budget in hand. You can go for Bushwa Bags if you are looking for some decent priced bags.


Before finalizing any clutch bag, don?t forget to do some research first. Surf the internet to know about the best deals and offers floating online. By doing this you can also evaluate which brands are going high and ruling the market. You can search about the Romania Q clutch bags if you wish to go for some classy one.

Check the Worth

Merely purchasing any expensive bag will not do justice to your motive. You need to check the worth of your money invested here. Do a thorough check on durability, color, weatherproof, matching, etc. You can also check it worth by feeling the texture and material from which the clutch bag is made.

One thing is for sure that a new day modern look is incomplete without a trendy bag. You can find bags of Top Fashion Brand in all the price denominations ranging from $2 to $2 thousand or even more.

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