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Laptop buying guide 2020: In the present tech-savvy world, people making use of laptop for their general tasks is a common sight. However, even when we all are surrounded by number of gadgets, there are some common mistakes that we all make while searching for the desired laptop and buying one. For this reason, we are here with the laptop buying guide 2020 that will help you avoid the common mistakes at the time of purchase. Have a look at the things such as features, display, battery backup etc. that can help you grab the perfect gadget.

Laptop buying guide 2020:

Buying the most affordable laptop: Laptop buying guide 2020

Laptop buying guide

In the market out there, you can find some laptops that are great in terms of budget since they are affordable. Also, there is no need to compromise in quality as all the desired features are also there. For instance, you are selecting between quad core and dual core processor. You get dual core processor since it is affordable in comparison with quad core processor. However, the system is not that powerful as you need since you run several applications together. You go for the product that match with your needs and then check it with budget range.

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Do not pay extra:

dell laptop

There are several best laptops offering every possible feature that you may think of. However, it a waste of money if you pay for the hardware or features that are not useful for you. There are high chances that when a laptop has unwanted features for you, it definitely goes out of your budget. For instance, you can decide between two laptops having exact same features but one with less storage. This can bring great difference in price.

Latest tech laptop:

asus zen book

It is the most important advice that you need to consider. Being tech savvy is important in the present world and therefore you should buy the laptop that can hold good for coming few years as well. So do not opt for the laptop that just fits with your present requirements. Instead, opt for the one that can serve the purpose for coming years as well.

Compatibility and ports:

In general, the required ports are not there in all the present day laptops. In this case, you need to consider your port requirement and then select the laptop offering the needs with suitable port support. This will help you make the right purchase that is in budget and provide desired port support as well.

Best in class resolution available:

asus ZenBook

Selecting the device with a 4K display is not a right choice always. The reason is that you cannot enjoy complete benefit at smaller screens of higher resolution. In addition to this, there is negative impact on your battery life as well from the screens of 4K.

Try before you buy:

In case this is possible, you should always test check the laptop that you are planning to buy. At present, there are several big brands offering this option in their products that at the big stores, you can enjoy testing of the gadget at big. Do not avoid the features that are not present in sheet of specs as these also hold equal importance. These might include glossy screen’s visibility, responsiveness of the touch pad etc. In case this is not possible, you can consider online shopping from the platform offering suitable return policy in case the gadget is not at par with the requirements.

Size does matter:

When we are talking about laptops, there is high significance of size. You can enjoy better and more expansive experience of viewing at bigger displays. The size of trackpas and keyboard is also determined by the size of laptop. So do not make mistake like selecting the laptop that is not even 13 inches in size since this will cramp you. In this case, you can consider your experience of using laptop in the past so as to make the best possible choice.

Avoid obsession of a single specification:

hp laptop

It is a common mistake to make just single specification as your favorite and keep on looking for that one only while making the buying choice. Specification baseline must be there in the mind so that you can get the desired performance but avoid single specification obsession. For instance, if you are not involved in some major software work, the storage of 8GB is enough to meet your needs.

Not getting sufficient power:

In terms of laptops, the choice that has become most popular one is Ultrabooks. This is the major reason why most of the people think that these are the best picks for them automatically. They fit in easily in backpack or briefcase, are light in weight have lowest available prices in some models. So what’s left that you love. While the performance is sufficient for several people, the needs of professionals and creatives might differ. They might look for the hardware of workstation class so that the intensive software that they need for work is handled effectively.

2-in-1 is different than laptop:

asus 2 in 1

Assuming it as same of laptop is the common mistake that people make. In fact, these two categories differ a lot and are not interchangeable as well. While the tablet can let you perform several tasks, there are very less similarities. When we talk about multitasking, there are heavy restrictions in case of tablets. You cannot use complex apps, enjoy paced web browsing or run the desired software on tablet.


Having a look at the above points, it is fact that the task of buying desired laptop in budget is a difficult task that needs lot of research. However, these points can help you make a good start so that you can easily find the desired product. It is important to consider all the factors before making the final choice.

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