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Smartphones have become an inevitable part of our lives. We are completely dependent on mobile smartphones be it for reminders, alarms, business meetings, emails, payments, bank transfers, etc.

Every new smartphone comes up with a unique feature. Features can be fingerprint scanning, face recognition, retina recognition, etc. You will always find one amazing feature which is hard to ignore and live without.

Whereas there are a few technological features which are actually very useful. We have come up with some of the definitive features that a smartphone needs to have. Let?s have a look at them.

Must-Have Features

Long-lasting Battery

Customers expect that the smartphone which they purchase should have a long lasting battery. There may be hundreds of ways to give a boost to the battery life of the smartphone. But eventually, a larger battery will be going to last longer. There are batteries which even last for over 48 hours. The Doris Maxx is leading the race and Galaxy Note 3 also has a good battery life which can stay up to 12-16 hours.

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Speed Processing

Speed is a very important factor when purchasing a smartphone. We all want a smartphone that can operate t a striking speed without any hang-ups or the app laggings. Till date, Apple smartphones are known to be the fastest smartphone available in the market. But you need not feel sad if your smartphone is a bit sluggish. You can regain its speed with some other methods.


Crystal clear display is another very important factor that the smartphone users check before purchasing one. Smartphones now days are much more into enjoying the social media, movies, videos, etc. Therefore the display should be such that it can provide the crystal clear view of the content with the sharpest edges. You can check this feature by looking at the pixel per inch and the resolution. Many people prefer to purchase smartphones looking at the high-resolution display and while others prefer the colour accuracy.


If you are a selfie person then you should check the camera options before purchasing a smartphone. You need not be a pro photographer to understand this feature. There has been a lot of improvement in the camera from the era of flip mobile phones to the current ones. A good camera can just serve more than just taking the pictures. You can also use a good camera for visual searches. Nokia, Oppo, iPhone, HTC offer the best camera quality. The image sensors have the larger pixels that can offer you a better colour range and awesome low light images.

Near Field Communication

NFC is a feature that allows the smartphones to connect to and transfer data to mobile phones and other gadgets in the vicinity. This feature is awesome for sharing pictures, videos, music and other files. The latest feature even allows you to pay your bills at the restaurants and the stores. Almost all the latest Android smart mobile phones offer this feature except the Apple phones.

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Multiple Windows

We live in a time of multi-tasking. We are so busy that we want to optimize our time in the best possible way. Therefore the need arises for multiple windows. You can enjoy and check out multiple apps at a single time on the latest mobile phones of Samsung, LG, Enact and Optimus.


Storage space is another very important factor in a smartphone. Mobile phones transmit very high data and hence need a high amount of space to store the cache memory and other data like files, pictures, audios and videos. However, people still prefer to extend the storage space by using an SD card. Many also prefer to store the data on the cloud as well.

Remote Control

Infrared remote control is also a new cool feature that the smart phones come up with now days. You can control your TV or even AC with this feature. You can operate your electronic equipments with your smart phone whenever and wherever you want to. Smart phones of Samsung, HTC offer this feature for its users. Both the Android and iPhones offer this.

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Fingerprint sensor

This feature has become quite a common one nowadays. Almost every brand of smartphones offers a fingerprint sensor to the users. This feature is used everywhere like unlocking the mobile phone, banking apps, apps security, etc. Though it is not that a unique concept and there are cracks in it as well, but you can be saved at times due to this feature. In case of theft and lost you can get some time to block your bank accounts till the time your fingerprint pattern is being traced and cracked upon.

Wireless Charging

This is a brand new feature for smart phone users. In this feature, you do not need to necessarily plug in your gadget to the charger. All you need to do is keep your mobile phone down and you can see it charging. You need not worry at all the wireless charging is absolutely safe for your smartphone.

Tips for Smart Phones Security

We have come up with some important tips to make your smartphones more useful. Keep reading on:

Back Ground Data

Do you know that while your phone is kept idle hen also it is consuming your mobile battery? Even if you are not using your smartphone, the data keeps on transmitting which consumes a lot of battery energy. You can turn on the notifications for the emails and other messaging apps but it is not a good option to turn on notifications for the audios and videos and other social media apps. If you are using Apple or Android smartphones, you can turn off your background data by going to the settings section.

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Storage Issues

We tend to make our mobile phones like the hard disk of personal data. We have a pool of data like pictures, videos, music, movies and other files. It is, however, sensible to transfer the excess data to your laptop or computer or on any hard disk. If you fail to do this, then your mobile phone might lose its speed and the quick responsive feature. All you need to do is either delete all the old and irrelevant data from your smartphones or else transfer them to a secured place. Because if you don?t do this your mobile phone might crash down!

Remind me later

This feature allows the users to skip the calls you get on your iPhone that too without overlooking them. You can ignore the calls if you are busy but you will be reminded about them periodically. Auto reply feature also has similar functioning. By this, you can save your battery power making your mobile phone more useful.

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Emergency Contact Details

Suppose you have lost your mobile phone or have met with some mishappening. The emergency contact detail is the saviour in this situation. What all you need to do is save your emergency details on the lock screen?s emergency contact section. This will help the people who have found you or your mobile phone to contact your closed ones. This feature is being offered by both Android and Apple mobile phones.

Taking Pictures Easily

Who doesn?t love clicking pictures? Well almost everyone does. Many mobile phones have an amazing picture taking feature. You can either tap anywhere on the screen to click a picture or can also use the volume buttons to freeze the movement. By doing this you eliminate the tendency of using your finger every time on the screen. You can also click a selfie if you are too far away from the camera.

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Digital Zoom

The latest camera features that are being rolled out for the users is the digital Zoom option. You can easily zoom into a space that you want to click the picture of. However, it is always suggested to move closer to your object instead of trying to zoom it in deep because this can make your picture tear upon and eventually blurred. By doing this every time you will be compensating with the picture quality!

Low Battery

Imagine you have to send and important mail to your office and you are running out of your mobile battery! This can be a common scenario in today?s hectic lifestyle. You have two options to deal with in this situation. First is to enable to battery saver option which is available in the android smartphones and the second one is to put your mobile on airplane mode. Once you have enabled the airplane mode, connect to the Wi-Fi and you can easily get updates about the emails and your social media accounts. By doing this your other mobile apps shall become dysfunctional and even if someone tries to call you they will understand that your mobile phone is switched off.

Translate Text

If you are travelling abroad and don?t have an internet connection you can use the translate text option. This feature shall instantly translate your text into 130 languages spoken worldwide. You can even understand and translate into 59 languages when you fail to have an internet connection. This feature is amazing if you are alone and travelling to a foreign country.

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Thermal Camera

This feature is quite latest and is grabbing eyeballs for its usages. You can use the thermal camera to capture any images in dark or anything around you that you are not able to see with your naked eyes. It also shows the temperature of the images of the surroundings. It is usually paired with a tiny camera which is attached to the smartphone. You can actually see the heat!

Digitize Documents

You can easily digitize your files and other documents using your smartphones. You will no longer be requiring getting a scanner to put all your documents and files on the cloud. The best apps for doing this job are the CamScanner, Google Drive and Evernote.

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Identify the Songs

You can easily identify the songs with the help of apps like SoundHound and Shazam. You can also get an instant answer form the Google Now, Cortana and the Siri just from your voice command.

Battery Usage Sources

If you are using Android smartphones, then you can check where your battery life is consumed. You can actually find a graphical representation of the data that is consuming your battery power.

Louder Alarm

Now you can with the help of latest feature, set your alarm tune to get louder within every stipulated time. This will help you wake u from your deep sleep. You can also select the intensity of the song tune as well.

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Go Home at a Click

Google Mps have introduced a feature where it stores your home address and can place it on your home screen. In other words you can create a home screen shortcut which will be enabled on a single click and can take you directly to your home.

Quick clearing of the Trash

You can quickly lean up all the trash and the junk files in your smartphones at a single click. This can help you in boosting the mobile phone?s operational speed as well. You can easily get rid of malware and viruses as well thanks to this function.

This was info upon the tips for smartphone security or how you can understand your mobile phones better in order to increase its usage and functionality. We hope this article for helpful for you. Make sure you use these features to use your smartphones in a much better way as compared to the earlier times. It is suggested to check these features in advance while purchasing your smartphone form the mobile stores. You can check the latest blog posts for the advanced features in the smartphones.

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