How to Make Tea Properly step by step

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How to Make Tea Properly

How to Make Tea Properly:- Having a cup of tea with friends and family is both a refreshing experience as well as an important segment of the everyday culture in several countries.

Some of the forms of tea that are highly famous in different countries include Assam, English breakfast, Darjeeling and Earl Grey, etc.

The general and most common steps of making tea include water boiling, making use of teapot that can hold the desired amount to be prepared, tea steeping (either in the loose form of leaf or in tea bags for the proper time duration).

How to Make Tea Properly

When it is time of tea serving, it is important to make use of cup of correct type, add sugar or milk (if preferred by the guests).

This is the reason why most of the people want to learn the correct method of preparing the English tea so as to host several events successfully.

Not just this, a cup of tea made in the proper manner can serve to be highly soothing in case someone is feeling flu or headache or other such common health issues.

However , there is a difference in each of the cup of tea prepared since the preparation styles differ that makes the final cup of tea taste different for different places.

This is true in UK and US as well since people residing there are highly particular about making the perfect cup of tea and their preparation method for making tea is also quite different.

It is important to remember the fact that a proper brewing is important for the tea so that it can taste the best. Also, certain does and don’ts are there that must be taken care of while preparing the tea:

Selection of tea must be done with proper care: How to Make Tea Properly

Most of the people in UK and US give preference to black robust tea such as the English breakfast or Earl Grey.

Also, one can make use of either loose tea or the tea bag as per his/her choice or based on the choice of guest for whom the tea is prepared.

Both of these methods are perfectly correct and are highly acceptable as well. in case loose tea is your selection, there is need of strainer as well for the teapot or the cup.

The general tea making rule says that for each cup, 1 teaspoon of loose tea must be used (This could also be stated as 2 grams of tea for water measuring 8 ounces, in case metric measurement is preferred in the preparation). In case a complete pot is created, 1 additional teaspoon must also be added at the end.

The water must not be microwaved:

as per the common concerns and statements made, it is considered that tea making ritual is destructed if the water used for the preparation is microwaved.

It is also considered that this can serve to be dangerous as well. this is the reason why more preference is given to the use of kettle. People prefer taking cold, fresh water, fill it in the kettle and use stove for boiling it.

The time duration of tea steeping must also be taken care of: take the cup and put the tea in it. From the top, boiling water must then be poured in it.

For the duration of about 3 to 5 minutes, this must be steeped, it depends on the flavor that you are expecting from the final tea, whether strong or light or mild.

Black tea must only be added with milk:

this must be skipped in the case of herbal or green per the scientists, milk should be added before you add hot water in it but there are several people who do not agree with this point. As per them, milk could be added at any desired point of time in the course of making tea.

Do not forget cookies: This might sound as something unimportant but the fun of enjoying a properly made cup of perfect tea is incomplete without having cookies on the side. You should therefore accompany your tea with cookies on the side. Also, the real fun is having the cookies after dunking them in the tea.

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A perfect tea cup: How to Make Tea Properly

There are several tea sommeliers who are almost certified in the process of making tea on account of their expertise and the perfect taste of the tea prepared by them. It is important to note that when the case is of making the perfect tea to enjoy in the morning or getting refreshed in the evening, the details hold high importance. This is significant since just the outline can lead to certain mistakes as well but the detailed instructions help avoid the small common mistakes that one might conduct due to lack of proper information.

It is a common point to boil some water and prepare tea with the help of teabag by getting the desired flavor. However, the experience could further be enhanced when the additional important steps are taken and proper time is given for each of the step involved in the process of making tea.

Here are some of the important tips that must be taken care of while preparing a cup of tea:

  1. Filtered water must be used: it is better to make use of purified and clean water since the tea will not be added with any other taste with this. it is recommended to make use of clean filtered water for making the tea since the taste of tea will get better when good quality of water is used in the preparation.
  2. The temperature of water must be set correctly: this step might get a bit tricky for some people. in the case of some teas, all you need is just boiled water and it is done. However, in some other cases, the teas to be prepared show more hot water sensitiveness (especially true in case of green tea).This is the reason why it is important to take care of the fact as whether the temperature of water taken for preparing tea is correct or not.For this purpose, one can make use of electric kettle as well so that no mistake is there on account of its setting for temperature (this is something that must be considered by the serious lovers of tea).Using the electric kettle, it is possible to set the perfect temperature for each of tea form that one is intended to prepare.
  3. Steeping for the right time duration: if the tea is oversteeped, the resulting cup might taste bitter and the experience of finest cup of tea might be destroyed. (however, some people who prefer strong tea might find real fin in this). to avoid the problem of oversteeping, one can also make use of smartphone for setting timer and steep the tea for perfect time duration. The recommendations of tea steeping must be followed properly as they are given on the package of tea. in general, this duration is: 4-5 minutes in the case of black tea, 3 minutes for oolong and green tea and about 4 minutes for the white tea. once the time is over, you can enjoy your tea as it is ready for consumption. It is better to avoid leaving the leaves of tea sitting in water since the resulting tea can become too much bitter and strong. If a large teapot is to be prepared, the teapot that you are using must have an infuser as well so that the leaves could be taken out once the time of steeping is over. The infuser could be added in the teapot again if you wish to steep the tea in boiling water again.
  4. Make use of loose tea: in general, most of the people do not prefer using tea bags since the resulting taste is not as good as that offered by the loose tea. The tea that is present in the teabags is generally the broken leftover bits or the tea dust that is collected after the processing of tea has been done. This does not make tea bags an appealing option and therefore they are not preferred by most of the people. The whole rolled leaf of tea is considered to be of good quality. With the process of steeping, the tea in hot water unfurls and you can also witness the complete leaf. For the purpose of steeping, the tea that serves best is loose tea.
  5. Warm teapot: the tea could be properly brewed when the teapot is warmed since the hot temperature is maintained for the water. Take some hot water and pour it in the teapot. Then make use of a spoon and swirl the content a bit so that it could be warmed up from the boiling water. The water must be thrown out. This prepares your teapot such that it can now prepare the tea.

Follow these steps and you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea made exactly as per your desire so that you can get refreshed in the morning as well as in evening.


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