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Stop restricting suits to a single type of occasion.Today suit is a versatile men?s wear. You can style this wear in different waysand make a new fashion statement every time you wear. Here, you will find a number of ways of wearing this formal wear on numerous events and still stay with the latest fashion trend.

Traditionally, men?s suit has been worn in only one way, with a shirt and a tie. But over the ages it has evolved with multiple uses by using different items to team up. Like, suits were worn with a turtleneck t-shirt to give a retro look of 1960s, then a few decades later, the same suit was paired with a simple t-shirt.

Now a days, people have become more adventurous and are experimenting more and more to give a casual and athletic look making suits a multipurpose wear.

Here, either the trouser or jacket can be worn together to go conventional or can be split up to give a more modern and cultured look. Suit has progressed as a multipurpose wear also known as Swiss Army Knife of men?s clothing. The secret lies in knowing the knack to team up with other items. Be it a night out with friends or a casual meeting with colleagues, customise your suit for a trendy look on all occasions.

Office wear

Office wear these days has turned towards a casual look these days. Even the professionals like bankers have tone down the informal look. Hence suits are no longer restricted to professional wardrobe. You can now definitely depend on the suit for making an office style statement.

You only need to widen your creative arena and decide on the kind of suit you want to wear and the various techniques of wearing it. You can choose a virgin-wool flannel suit to maintain the elegance of the formal suit along with a tinge of a casual look. While you can wear the matching jacket and trousers with a dress shirt and tie to look more professional, you can also team it up with a shirt and dark jeans or light chinos to work in a business environment with a casual look.

During the cool winds of the winter, you can also wear a lightweight crewneck sweater with a blazer to add cosiness and give a different look.

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One concept you should not get confusedwith is that weekday casual is different from weekend casual look. You cannotchoose to wear a sweat pant and tee like to get ready to watch a football match.You need something which adds importance to your personality at office with acasual twist. Something which boosts up your importance in the team.

For this split your suit by wearing your trouser with a light crewneck sweater with a classic short top sneaker by Vans, Stan smith, Chuck Taylors, etc. Such an outfit gives you a fusion of both professional and a casual look without making you look overdressed

You can also try pairing up with a graphic tee, jeans and minimalist sneakers for more bend towards casual look. Comfortable and easy, blazer makes you look cool and high-class.

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There are many occasions when you have go fornight-outs with your friends, You can choose to wear a cotton garment suit witha cashmere turtleneck and Chelsea boots.

You can also team up with a blazer,jeans and polished lace boots. You can try with the suit trousers without theblazer and the same sweater. This combination will look good with simplesneakers.

During summer, instead of sweater you can wear a simple button up shirt. You can try out different combinations with the suit to match your personality and the place of night outs.

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When getting dressed for dinner withfriends, always remember to stay simple at the same time stylish without overdoingit. You can use the high-low combination. High with the jacket and trousers andlow with the other paired items.

You can wear blazer with the cotton crew sweatshirt, a faded blue jean and a suede boots or sneakers. You can try the other ay round by using the suit trousers with a cashmere sweater with any of the above discussed footwear option. Try our blazer and sweater by BOSS, Jeans by Nudie and boots by Clarks.

With these, you can standout among your friends and become the initiator in making the style statement. You may be influential and your friends may follow you.

WEEKEND get together

A weekend get together is a casual meeting.You can split your suit to make many combinations. Either combine chinos with alight jacket and a poplin shirt or a hooded sweatshirt, leather loafers or acanvas sneaker. Also, you can wear a casual tee with a blazer or a crewnecksweat shirt with a blazer. These can be paired with a worn-out jean to give astylish retro look.

Weekend get-together is definitely a completely casual meeting, but you can still look trendy among your friends at the weekend with the above combination.? Instead of routine tee shirt and jeans, use blazer and trousers in split to make a difference.

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After reading this article, you would have realised how versatile your suit is. You no longer have to think twice about spending heavy on suits, as these can also be used on other occasions by mixing matching with your casual items. So, now give your casuals a fresh look with the blazer and trousers and make your suit more customised and versatile by teaming up with a great collection of casual wear. This is the new fashion trend in Men?s clothing and has gained a lot of popularity. Many top fashion designers have used the various combinations with suits to display their collection.

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