Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Girls!

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Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Girls

Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Girls: There is no point in waiting for the genie to come out of a bottle and transform you into a fabulous hour glass figured person instantly. Gone were the days when you used to think about ditching a get together or a party because you won?t be able to fit in to your favorite dresses. We live in an era where nothing is impossible. Be it apparels or make up; you can get the transformations instantly. Let?s have a look at some of the important tips which can help you in answering questions related to how to dress when you are overweight?

Layer it up

It is time now to break this myth forever now! Earlier people use to think that layering up will add to your bulk and would make you look fattier. But this is not true. In fact adding appropriate layers can actually hide your bulky tummy and the lower back areas. You can give a proper definition to your body by adding some layers to it. This will also prevent people from having a direct view at your body as well.


Make sure everything about your wardrobe is either black or other darker shades. We understand your love for pastels and lighter shades, but ensure you don?t wear them frequently. Blacks have the ability to make you look slimmer and attractive. You can easily hide your bulk inside the dark colors like black, blue, etc.

Body Shapewear or Compressors


Trust me body shape wears has emerged as a blessing to all the ladies out there. It is definitely a blessing in disguise for all of the plus-sized girls out there. It can effectively manage your midriff fatness along with thighs and the hips as well. These have been a catalyst in introducing a revolutionary twist in the fashion trends. You should definitely invest in this to look many sizes slimmer.

High Rise?Jeans

High Rise Jeans also are a blessing to the plus sized women out there! They are super effective in hiding the excess belly fat inside its mid part and can do a superb job in making you look slimmer, taller and smarter. Go for the jeans which are in darkest shades of blue and black and of the ankle length. They should be stretchable and less funky in the pattern.

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Inner Wear

Many women are confused with this part. They don?t know what kind of innerwear they should go for with a bulky body and end up buying a wrong piece. Make sure you avoid wearing things and sloppy bras at any cost as they will make you look over bulky. On the other hand, you should go for the bras which offer full coverage and avoid too many bulges. While talking about the underwear, make sure they too offer full coverage and are stretchable at the same time. Go for high rise ones which can camouflage the bulge.


Adding important and trendy accessories to your look can enhance your charm and elegance. Try to pick up stuff which is of medium size. Wearing bulky accessories can make you look more fat and flabby. And wearing too delicate accessories will also go unnoticed. So make sure you wear medium sized accessories which can balance your look as well as make you look slimmer as people will first notice them instead of your weight. Again go for dark colored bracelets and pendants. They will enhance your overall look

Patterns and Prints

The best tip for you is to avoid any sort of horizontal or floral prints. Horizontal prints will make you look more bulky. Whereas vertical prints will make you look taller and slimmer. You can also go for diagonal prints and patterns as they will also make you look slimmer. The best ones can be the pencil skirt or the A-line cut.

Matching Separates

Go for some separate matching instead of wearing the matching sets. This is the most important trick for you to look slimmer and taller. Choose the shades of blacks, greys, blues or any other dark color. Shop for the best pieces on plus size clothing online


It is very important to wear clothes in proper proportions to look smarter and slimmer. Forexamplewearinga loose top with fitted jeans can do wonders to your look. You can also try and loose jeans. Both the proportions would do a great look job. Make sure before trying the second tip, you take care of your midriff first. And make sure that you avoid body-hugging clothes as well.

Body Postures

Many people are not bulky but they have a certain body postures which make them look one. For example, if you are not standing or sitting straight, then you might look over bulky in your pictures and also in reality. This means that you can manage most of your flab with the help of correct body posture only.

Skirts and Hot Pants

Many women love to wear skirts globally. Every country has their version of skirts. Some like to wear pencil skirts, some like long skirts, some go for A-line skirts, etc. But if you are on a bulkier side, make sure you wear medium length skirts only. This means that a calf-length skirt can help you look slimmer and taller. Go for a fitted skirt as they will help you in gaining an hourglass figure. Similar to the hot pants! We all love to wear ho pants at the outing and on a movie date. But you a plus sized girl, then make sure you wear the ones which are not too short or not too over the board. A fitted medium length hot pant will do wonders to your figure.

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