Top 10 everyday fashion ideas for stylish girls and women

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Fashion ideas for stylish girls: Fashion never stays constant and it always consists of innovative ideas that are the perfect blend of western and Indian wear and both girls as well as women appreciate these. Fashion is not restricted by any barrier and there are number of interesting fashion trends and tips that are must follow to stay trendy and stylish. Here are the fashion industry?s trendiest buzzes for you that can make you shine like a fashion star in any occasion.

Fashion ideas for stylish girls

fashion ideas for stylish girls


Blend it with denim:

If you want to stay stylish at the regular events but are running short of time for glamming yourself up then worry no more. You can optfor any pair out of the Indian outfit and then blend it with denim.

The selection might include a kurti such as long kurti, slit Kurti or any other style and match nice colored denim with it. There is no limit to the fashion ideas in Indo western pattern when it comes to style and comfort.

Palazzo pants (boho printed):

For all those who are in search of an outfit that is comfortable then here is the comfort dressing blend that can help them fashion pro. The fusion of boho palazzo pants with plain shirt is what we are taking about. For both the women of middle age as well as girls who are college going, one of the suitable options is wide palazzo pants. This could also be paired with the buttoned shirt.

Best pairing for kurti:

In you busy days, if you find kurti to be the only comfort wear but are fed up pairing it with salwaars and churidars then it is time to find the best match for it. Set a statement of unique style by pairing the kurti with flared skirts and along with this, you can also go for some accessories. However, make sure that you are not going loud with too much accessories and prints all together. For plain kurti, you can go for printed flared skirt and this can also go well with printed stole. Do not miss this must try option if you are looking for comfort.

A novel jacket-kurti:

Think of your old kurtis setting a fresh trendy look?wouldn?t it be great? ?Then this trick is something that can serve to be the best hack that you can try with your bunch of olf slit or buttoned kurtis. The old kurti could be worn as a shrug or a jacket. Just make sure that to wear the kurti as jacket, it has to be front opening or buttoned down.? The front opening kurti could be worn as a jacket over denim and camisole top and slay this fresh style.

No further leather jackets:

If you love wearing jackets then some stylish fabric jacketscan be the best option for you. Females of each age group love fabric jackets thatare in great demand. You can match the fabric jacket as a style option by carryingit on with your leggings and Patiala suit or denim with tee or kurti. Wide rangeof stylish fabric jackets are found in market such as ethnic jackets, blockprinted jacket, embroidered jacket, boho jacket etc. So you can have the outfitfrom any such options.

Dhoti skirt:

In case you are not clear with the options as what to wear then this is the perfect fashion hack for you. This can also work well when you are not in the mood of buying something new for attending an event. This is the DIY option in which the skirt is turned to dhoti and could be paired with anything that you find suitable.? This could be paired with crop tops.

Dhoti pants:

Dhotis are serving to be the new fashion trend leaving churidar and salwar behind. The wardrobes of women have find dhoti as the replacement of palazzo, churidars and Patiala salwaars. There is a unique manner in which these dhoti pants are carried by celebrities that serves to be a style inspiration for the dhoti pants.

Binding differently:

The item that is considered to be important for completing Indian attire is dupatta. You can wrap it up in different style and fashion hacks to make it a new trend. No need to worry of looking outdated if you love wearing dupattas as it could be styled in different patterns for a trendy look. With simple dress, a danglered dupatta could go well and a dress with several prints could be balanced by a simple dupatta.


This is something that is considered to be completing the Indian wear. These days, the sarees with printed strips or plain colored are replacing the heavy ornamented ones and the styling throne are taken by them. Now, even there is no required of paired blouse with sarees as the new and trendy blouses replacing these are crop tops. In case this style is not known to you then just pair crop tops of contrasting colors with your saree instead of paired blouses. So wear this Indian style while fusing it with crop top and go glam yourself.

The trendy new dresses-kurtis:

Yes, this is true. These are serving to be the latest fashion trend that can go best for several occasions. For this, you can select the old kurtis that you that you do not wish to wear like kurtis anymore such as oversized kurtis, A line kurtis etc. as this look could be slayed in best manner by these options. Loose or over sized kurtis could serve to be the best option like a dress that could be put on in hot sun. It is a great option avoiding any extra expense to convert kurtis to one pieces or dresses.

So try these fashion tips and go trendy by fusion your regular wears with a twist of style and novel trend. fashion ideas for stylish girls:

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