10 best stylish hairstyles latest women fashion that you must try

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Whether you are having long, short or medium hair, there are some cute and chic hairstyles that always ensure that you looks are incredible. For each and every occasion, there are wide number of options available in terms of hairstyles.


However, one of the hairdos that is easy to achieve and allows you to go from day to night with confidence is a bun. This is the hairstyle that always ensures incredible looks for you.

We are here with some of the most stylish bun styles from the current fashion trends that are worth giving a try.

Hairstyles with bun:

Half down half up:

This is the hairstyle that serves to be the most flattering one at every occasion. It is trendy, stylish and is most favorite one from current fashion trends.

Your beautiful features get attention with the hair kept away from the face, slightly up.

The eyes and cheekbones are accentuated by this hairstyle and your face also receives beautiful frame from it. Half bun has that messy version of hipster that most of us are aware of.

This look gives the versatility that is surprising. It depends on the remaining hair styles whether you can take the half bun to formal occasion from daily errands.

The best part about this hairstyle is that you need just 10 minutes for its execution.

High bun:


One of the classic and eternal hairstyle is high bun that looks chic and is dear to ballerinas. You can keep your face away from face with this sleek and chic hairstyle. This style also adds elegance to your getup. You can get that additional hold and added grip with by working the hairline with dry shampoo.

After this, take the hair over head with comb, brush it to make ponytail and then use hair tie for securing it. In the next step, you can give twirls to the ponytail till the hair band is nestled with it. You can use bobby pins or hair tie to fasten it round the knot. Use hairspray to secure high bun and you are good to go.

Top knot bun:

Top knot bun is the best choice for a slick look. If you are not able to get a hair wash then this style can go perfect the second day. You can also get the hairs off from face with this easy hair style and it gives a fab look to all. You just need hair elastic, texturing spray, hairspray and bobby pins for this hairstyle.

Low bun:

Low bun hairstyles

Low bun is the hairstyle that is not formal as the intricate updos but is best hairstyle settlement. As compared to intricate updos, this hairstyle is not formal but the efforts for this are more than the everyday hairstyle. Low bun is something that you can take from the party to gym.

No need to invest money for hair appointment as this hairstyle could be done on self easily. However, you can enjoy a salon like look from this style. You can go for the classic option or could opt for braided low bun.

Knot bun:

Make a low ponytail by combing the hair back and if needed, you can add extensions as well. Make equal divisions of hair in half and each section are required to be twisted. Bring up the left section and over and to the right hand, switch it over. Then from right side, bring the original section and to left hand, switch it. Till next full rotation is made, you can repeat this and use bobby pins to secure the style.

Braided bun:

Braided bun

From the trending fashion for women, this is the style that makes its place for sure. The two hairstyles, i.e. braids and buns are something that remains in trend for ever. These styles could be made easily, are classic and can help to put the hair together when they got messy.

So combining g the two can really bring an amazing style. You might think of braided buns to be complicated and intimidating but this is not as bad as you think. A really beautiful style of low bun could be made by tying two braids together and you can carry it on the classic occasions.

Space buns:

The effect of buns from 90’s is still on its full and this makes the fact clear as why the hairstyle of space buns is mentioned here. This hairdo is iconic and gives out of this world looks.

So if you are in search of an easy, effortless and cute style then this is the trendy ladies fashion that is good to go. You will need a comb, hairbrush, bobby pins, hairbands and hairspray for this style.

Hairstyle with two buns:

Hairstyle with two buns

Even when you find braids to be your favorite, a desire to get new looks with fresh styles can make you go search for different style. This is the hairstyle in which there is no need to completely abandon your desired braided hairstyle. Divide the hair in two sections and this trendy double braided bun is the way to go.

Cornrows braided into bun:

From ballerinas and to athletes, this is the style that goes best for all. Starting from the hairline, the cornrows are braided in the way towards crown. You can save much of your time to get ready with the style of braided bun in summer months that serves to be protective from heat.

Do not worry about the do being ruined by humidity as a starter. This style is enduring so no need to touch your hair and worry about it.

Messy curly bun:

Messy curly bun

Messy bun is the easy, quick and cute style to go for your curls if they are getting unruly and you are running short of time for styling them. For engagements that are semi-formal, this hairstyle serves to be a suitable option. The addition of flattering headband and hair clips can further enhance the look.

Flip your hairs in the start for making this style in the forward direction. Next, make a ponytail from your hair and use bobby pins for securing it.


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