Best Salwar Kameez Collection for Indian Women

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Best Salwar Kameez Collection for Indian Women

Best Salwar Kameez Collection for Indian Women: Salwar Kameez has been one of the best and iconic India dresses. Initially called as Shalwar Qameez, it is considered as the authentic outfit for Indian ladies. Designer Salwar Kameez is basically a two piece dress which contains a baggy pant along with a fitted long top.

One more piece is attached is optional to wear that is dupatta or the scarf. Salwar kameez was originally a royal dress and worn by the princess and queens. However, it is believed that this dress was originated was the province of Punjab. This is considered as an auspicious dress and also worn during the marriage ceremonies.

Salwar Kameez Collection

The main idea behind the concept of a salwar kameez dress is to ensure the full body coverage of the women. There are many contradictory opinions going on the topic which is a better dress salwar kameez or a saree. They both have their set of relevance.

Many people are of the opinion that a saree is the best and traditional dress for a woman while some are of the opinion that salwar kameez serves the purpose of an Indian woman. Salwar kameez is a very popular dress among all the age groups including the working women, housewives or college going girls.

This dress is also preferred by women with a bulky body as well as the slim ones. The top is known as a kurta or kurti if it is specifically shorter. Women love to flaunt different lengths of their kurta.

Simple Salwar Kameez

These are the basic design patterned salwar kameez for women. This dress has a medium sized kurta and a baggy salwar. This is one of the most comfortable dresses and can be worn anytime and anywhere.

You can also get a designer simple salwar kameez that you can wear at any of your family functions and parties. This dress is preferred generally by older aged women. This is an ideal dress for travelling as well.

Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Anarkali Salwar Kameez
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This is another trendy salwar kameez which makes a comeback every now and then. Anarkali is basically a royal dress worn by the Mughal ladies. This dress includes a very wide layered kurta with a fitted waist band.

This is hands down an amazing Indian function dress. You can wearthis dress on a wedding function or even on the wedding day. If you choose to wear a really heavy embroider dress, then go for minimal jewelry as excess jewelry will decrease the show of the dress.


As the name suggests, this is a very famous dress in the Northern India provinces. Patiala salwars are a very graceful and wide bottom with plates gathered on the sides. It is one of the major wedding dresses in the Punjabi culture. But now days this dress is worn by many celebrities as well.

Native people in Punjab call this dress as Patiala Shahi Salwars pertaining to the fact that these salwars are worn by the royal families located in Punjab.

Banarsi or Silk

Banarsi or Silk

This is again a royal outfit worn by the royal ladies of Punjab province. Even today the brides of Punjab go for a red silk salwar kameez for their wedding day. You can get ample of options online or in the market as well. If you wish you can also get the salwar kameez stitched.

Go for some banarsi silk fabrics to give a royal touch to your salwar kameez. With jewelry there are two options in this; either go for a heavy jewelry for a wedding function to stand out in the crowd or go for minimalistic jewelry like a simple watch and earrings to look elegant and sophisticated.

Printed Salwar Kameez?Collection

This is a good old salwar which is widely appreciated by the ladies and girls in India. These are somewhat loose and airy salwars with a matching color and print of your kurta.

They also have some plates that are gathered at the bottom cuffs. These are a perfect choice for a daily wear. This is widely liked by the ladies who are house wives are into a travelling job.

Koti Salwar Kameez Collection

Koti Salwar Kameez Collection

This is a regular salwar kameez with a small sleeveless jacket over the kurta. This dress looks very beautiful and fits in every occasion easily. You can wear this dress in your college or any family function.

Go with a long kurti and chudidaar salwar or if you wish to wear a koti with a short kurta, the go for a proper baggy salwar. You can also wear it with an Afghani salwar or a dhoti salwar.

Palazzo Salwar Kameez Collection

These are the latest fashion trends followed worldwide. You can literally wear palazzo pants with any matching kurti or a top and look very stylish. They are a parallel sort of bottom which has flairs towards your legs. They will not mess with your body or cling to your legs giving it a creepy look.

This salwar has originated from the Pakistani fashion houses as they have ditched their regular salwars for something more comfortable and stylish.

Palazzo Salwar Kameez

These were some of the latest fashionable salwar kameez for you. You can choose from thousands of patterns and ranges. Selection of the correct fabric is a very crucial task here. Go for light fabrics like linen and cotton for the summer season.

You can also go for fabrics like chanderi and mixed cotton. While if we talk about the winter season, go for fabrics like brocade, silk, khadi and raw silk. These fabrics will make you warm as well as add elegance to your attire. Colors also play a vital role in your overall appearance.

Go for light and soothing colored salwar kameez during the summer season and on hotter days. Shades of yellow, pink and green should be considered here. While for winter season go for darker shades of blacks and blues. These are some important rules that you should consider before finalizing any salwar kameez pattern for you.

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