Best fitness accessories you must buy this Diwali to enjoy great deals

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Best fitness accessories

Best fitness accessories:- Make your Diwali special with fitness products that made your festival full of activeness. Here are the best fitness products that can help you stay away from unwanted health problems.

Inditradition Mini Pedal Exercise Bike/Cycle

This is the perfect exerciser that could be used for home, gym and office purpose as desired. If you are looking for the product that can act as a savior in daily busy routine offering some time in which you can shred those extra pounds then this product is for you.

No need to spend hours in gym as a little change in lifestyle and exercise on regular basis using the Inditradition Mini Pedal Exercise Bike can best serve the purpose. You can maintain good health even by taking a 20 minute break from the daily schedule and exercise on this mini exercise that best serve the exercise purpose without much efforts. Best fitness accessories:-Inditradition Mini Pedal Exercise Bike/Cycle

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This exerciser comes with several wonderful features that you can take advantage of. The count of cycles and speed count is visible on the digital display meter. This helps keeping track of the health data for all those who want to measure results.

A LCD readout having 5 functions is there in the device that displays revolution count, exercise time, calories burnt and rpm.

So grab this wonderful product that is lightweight, durable and portable and enjoy exercise for maintaining good health. The strength of this device is eternal and can serve the purpose for years. This machine could be carried anywhere for workout on account of the lightweight and portable design.

All the measurements are displayed automatically on the scan feature.

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Cycle

This is another fitness product that can help achieve the fitness goals with ease while following the daily routine. The delivery of cycle is done in 85% assembled condition i.e. it is semi assembled.

When delivered, it is required that customer assemble it before using. For making this process easy, spanner and allen key are also offered in the installation box. Best fitness accessories:-

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Cycle
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The size of tire is 26 inches and it has frame of 18 inches. For all those who are 11+ in age, this serves to be perfect fitness equipment with 5 feet as the min. height for rider and 5.8 feet being the max. rider height.

The cycle features rear brake and front V brake. The suspension is rigid and steel is used making the material of frame. Numbers of components are included in the product including Spanner and Allen key, Stand, mudguard, rear and front reflectors etc.

So grab the product available at best deals this Diwali and make this festive season a healthy feast for your loved ones.

Powermax Fitness TDA-230M (2.0 Hp)

Treadmill serves to be yet another wonderful product that you can grab this Diwali for including health in the day to day routine of your near ones. This product comes with the warranty of lifetime for frame.

The motor comes with warranty of 3 years and the labor and parts warranty is of 1 year. For enabling intense workout, it comes with auto incline of almost 15-level. One can also track factors such as heart rate, calories, distance, time and speed in the 5.5? LCD display, bright blue.

There are hot keys for speed select as well that could be varied from 1.0 to 14.0 km/h. Several other additional features are available in the product that makes it even more exciting.

Powermax Fitness TDA-230M (2.0 Hp)
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You can play music on console speaker directly with the help of aux cable or by connecting the pen drive in USB slot. The handrails come with sensor of heart rate for user convenience. There is 6 point comfort tech damping system with dual shock spring. While running, the devices such as mobile or tab could be kept safely in tablet and mobile holder available in the product.

For enabling folding and unfolding easily, it comes with hydraulic softdrop system.

The device offer easy maintenance and can best serve the purpose of keeping a person fit and active with just few minutes exercise.

Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener

This is the product useful for the purpose of strengthening grip. The design is economic and it comes with durable constriction.

The hand grip strengthener comes with adjustable resistance that could be varied from 22 to 88 lbs and by which the different levels of power could also be satisfied.

This is the reason why the product can best serve the purpose for both the beginner as well as advanced players.

Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener
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There are contents provided inbox as well that has 1 adjustable strengthener for hand grip. The design of this product is ergonomic and its construction is durable. Good quality material is used for hand grip. It is ABS plastic and is combined with tension springs of stainless steel that enhance the durability of the hand grip.

For the purpose of rehabilitation as well, this product serves great purpose and therefore for the patients having problems like arthritis, hand injuries, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel etc., this product is highly useful. Those who are looking forward for ways to do forearm, finger, hand or wrist exercise can use this product for achieving the varied goals of fitness.

Cockatoo Mini Elliptical Pedal Stepper

This pedal stepper has the design of low impact that helps protect knees, back and ankles. You can carry this steeper to desired place for workout and it is lightweight and compact in shape that serves to be the best trainer for office or home.

Cockatoo Mini Elliptical Pedal Stepper

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The construction is of sturdy steel that makes it the best product offering desired strength. The pedals are nonslip so the exercise avoids any kind of injuries. The user can track exercise time, strides and calories with the help of electronic monitor display.


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