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Upgrade your TV with a brand new TV within your budget by choosing from a wide range of options available at Amazon. The diverse range of Amazon 4K TV’s is here to convert your experience of home cinema with streaming services.

TCL 6-Series 4K TV (55-inch) For the all those who wish to buy a new TV under the range of $1000 then TCL 6-Series is just what you need. This series offer to options to choose from the first one being 55 inch screen costs $650 and a bigger screen measuring about 65 inches costs $1,000.The seductive sleek look and the superior quality of picture is worth much more than what they actually cost. The cost efficiency of this series is possible due to the availability of dimming technology locally. Another attractive feature is the accessibility of Roku on this series which makes the gadget access to most of the modern and trending streaming services.

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The presence of HDR10 and Dolby vision at the same time is a unique feature of this series. All the popular streaming platforms be it Netflix or Amazon Prime or any other most of them comprise of high dynamic ranges in their shows as well as movies.

This series also offers a highly sharp and sensitive remote control along with Roku. TV can be controlled with the voice command by just tricking the button of the remote that helps you to change channel or even surf for the content that you are looking for.

Vizio P-Series 4K TV (55-inch)- The looks and picture quality of Vizio P-Series 4K TV both are better than all the TV’s that cost less than $1000. The newest series of the Vizio P series 4K TV is much more attractive and good looking than ever before, it has a well designed stand and the looks are all glamorized as it sheds all the bezels from its display.

Vizio P-Series 4K TV (55-inch)-ProductsGram

All the contents that you would watch on the Pseries will appear awesome as it supports HDR standards along with Dolby Vision and HDR 10. It can be paired with all the modern days streaming services like Amazon, Netflix and many more. It is also facilitated with Amazon Alexa that changes your TV watching experience. The Chrome cast built-in is accessible after being connected to Google home.

Samsung NU8500 Series Curved 4K TV (55-inch) If a curved screen TV costing less than $1000 is on your shopping list, than Samsung’s NU8500 4K TV is the end to your hunt. The stylish looks of this curved screen TV is even increased by its graceful design and a very well done setup of cords that makes it look much more sleek and stylish. The stylish looks are well accompanied with lots of features in this TV, including the Bixby voice assistant service of Samsung that makes the accessibility to this gadget much more convenient. The series is very much compatible to all the modern days streaming services that provide vast options of movies and shows to choose from.


The TV viewing experience is absolutely revolutionized by the HDR10 content picture quality. This TV series also has local dimming technology but somehow its support is not as good as it performs with TCL and Vizio gadgets.

The TV is paired with a good looking and well discerning remote that makes your TV watching and surfing experience much more convenient and better, but if you aren’t a remote friendly person you can always choose to swap your remote to your smart phone by simply installing a smart phone app especially designed for Samsung .

Vizio E-Series 4K TV (70-inch) For those who wish to bring home a big screen Tv without charging a bomb on their pocket then, Vizio E Series 4K TV is like a wish come true for you. Until the past some time it was not just possible to find such a huge screened TV at this unbelievable less price, but somehow Vizio bags all the appreciation for this.

Vizio E-Series 4K TV (70-inch)-ProductsGram

The picture quality of this gigantic device is as wonderful as its size. This series has a well planned display panel provided with a backlight of full array and a 400 nits brightness., that provides an absolutely lively and vivacious picture quality along with good contrast. This TV is also enriched with Dolby vision along with HDR10 content.

TV can be accessed and controlled via the voice command being connected with Google Home device or by an Amazon Echo. TV is also well connected to all the latest day streaming services and with the support of the Chromecast it also connects mobile phones to it.

TCL 5-Series 4K TV (43-inch) – For the small spaces and the smaller budgets (something as low as $400) this small sized TV is a great option to opt for. This TCL 5-series is one of the most apt 43 inch screened TV that will fit in perfectly well in the smaller spaces. But the small budget and small size does not compromise anywhere with the tremendous picture quality and the amazingly attractive good looks it has .

TCL 5-Series 4K TV (43-inch)-ProductsGram

Most of the Tv’s falling in this budget do not have the same features as this tiny beauty. Being loaded with the HDR10 and Dolby vision content it gives the best TV watching experience for all the movies and shows . This is the reason why it just stands out as compared to most of its competitors in this class.

The compatibility with all the streaming services is guaranteed with Roku being on board, so be sure to have unlimited TV watching delight the as it has all those features that you can think of.

Samsung Q6 Series QLED TV (49-inch) – Samsung Q6 series 4K TV is one of the most good looking TV in this price band. The enormously sleek design are very well coordinated with smart set up of cables that makes the cables seem less avoiding the mess of wires around the wall. The slim finish of the TV makes it merge with the wall it is mounted upon giving it a completely merged look with wall it rests at.

Samsung Q6 Series QLED TV (49-inch)-ProductsGram

This TV is packed with numerous functions and qualities; the list begins with the QLED display panels of Samsung, local dimming which produces brilliant quality of picture with most effervescent colors to give the best result of the HDR10 content. All these features make it one of the most insightful product in it class.

And the best part to be shared about this TV is that all these features are available in the budget price of $1000. The 49 inched screen is good and compact enough for the cozy space.

Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4K TV (55-inch) – The Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4K TV is the result of the joint efforts of Toshiba and Amazon. Its picture quality is good enough but not better than that of Vizio and TCCL series that fall in the same budget.

Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4K TV (55-inch)-ProductsGram

But the availability of Alexa on board makes the TV watching experience better and facilitates the gadget control and searching the available contents .

TV is supported by HDR10 content but misses the Dolby vision and local dimmin .


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